BY: Shallon S. Gonlor

A young child has died after drowning in an open pit in the Bypass Community, Tappita City, Lower Nimba County.

The male child is believed to be about 18-months old (1-year-6months) drowned Thursday, December 7, 2023.

Sampson Bueh was reported missing December 7, but was found shortly thereafter in an open pit in the Bypass Community neighbourhood. 

According to report, Sampson got drowned after falling into the pit full of water near their neighborhood, after he had followed his mother (Patience Bueh) who earlier left the house for palm nuts in the next neighbor’s home.

The child, whose parents are daily-wage labourers, was with his mother prior to the incident, as it is not clear how much time had passed between before his body was found in the water.

Following his disappearance, residents of the  community told the police, which the Tappita Police Depot responded after receiving a frantic call about a child drowning.

The Nimba County Detachment of the Liberia National Police is meanwhile investigating after the  18-month-old child died by drowning.

Family members, including parents and other community dwellers are being investigated due to the death of the infant, as 15 men coroner jury examination report established no foul play.

It is not known at this time exactly how the child drowned.

This newspaper, Women Voices haS gathered from some residents that if thoroughly investigated, the mother of the 18-month child whose lifeless body was found floating in an open pit should be charged with negligent homicide.

The woman, Patience Bueh and other family members are expected to be charged for violating Chapter 14, Section 14. 3 of the revised penal code of Liberia for carelessness.