-As Embassy Strengthens Relationship with LNP.

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I

In recognition of the 20th anniversary of resurgence of diplomatic relationship between Liberia and China, the Chinese embassy on Saturday, September 2, 2023, held a special conference of the security dialogue between Chinese Institutions and Enterprises and the Liberia National Police.

Speaking at the dialogue, the honorable Chargé d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy, Fan Erwei stated that the objective of the dialogue is strengthening cooperation, by discussing the problems that have emerged since the establishment of the Police and Enterprises cooperation mechanism, and in order to put forward reasonable and effective solutions together.

“Our ultimate objective is to provide a stable social environment

for the safe operation of the Chinese Enterprises, to facilitate the Chinese Enterprises to better fulfill their social responsibilities and to make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Liberia.”

The Chinese envoy asserted that this year 2023 has been a great historical significance, marking the 10th

anniversary of President Xi Jinping’s announcement of the principle of Sincerity, Real results, Amity and Good faith for China’s Africa policy and the upholding justice and pursuing shared interests.

At the same time, honorable Fan Erwei recorded that this year also marks the 20th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Liberia. 

He noted that over the past 20 years, China and Liberia have achieved fruitful results in infrastructure, investment, trade ,economy, security, agriculture,

humanistic exchange, culture and education. 

Numerically expressing the significant achievements of the bilateral relationship between Liberia and China, the Chinese diploma recounted the Ministerial Complex , the Capitol annex Building and Roberts International

Airports , which were built with China’s donation and assistance, as an iconic landmarks in the capital, Monrovia.

He continued by stating that China has provided more than 100 practical training opportunities and more than 60 fully-funded scholarships. 

Moreover, he added that these scholarships and practical technical training programs cover the areas most desperately needed by Liberia in current development, including economic management, agriculture , medical care, port logistics, diplomacy, journalism, industrial park construction and operation security capacity enhancement. 

Meanwhile, 25 Police officers have returned from a special training in social security and police governance in China.

The special training took place between March 15 to June 4, 2023

He further added that China is a good friend and a good brother of Liberia, and the friendship between the Chinese Embassy and the LNP has gone back a

long way. 

Thereby asserting that under the framework of President Xi Jinping’s

the Belt and Road initiative , the Global Development Initiative and

the Global Security Initiative, and President Weah’s Pro Poor Agenda

for Prosperity and development, China and Liberia will achieve more

fruitful results in the areas of security , investment, trade, as well as

humanistic exchange. 

The Chinese envoy further asserted that Liberia has witnessed great achievements of China’s economic and social development, as well as the traditional friendship between the Chinese Embassy and LNP. 

“You have witnessed the great achievements of China’s economic and social development, as well as the traditional friendship between the Chinese Embassy and LNP. 

It is worth mentioning that this year two outstanding LNP officers recommended by Honorable Sudue have been admitted by the Chinese government MOFCOM scholarship and will study in China soon, so once again i wish them all the success intheir studies in advance.”

The honorable Chargé d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy continue by stating that global  development and security risks are overlapping and characterized with various uncertainties. 

The Chinese envoy recorded the words of the inspector General of Police, Sudue by emphasizing that there will be no development without security, and that without development, the foundations of security definitely will be fragile, in the speech at the graduation ceremony of the LNP academy.

Chinese enterprises are one of the most active players in the fields of infrastructure, investment and trade in Liberia, and they have brought a large number of employment opportunities to the local people in Liberia and made great contributions to the economie

and social changes in Liberia. 

Further adding that all these achievements are inseparably linked to the hard work of the LNP. On behalf of the Embassy, therefore sending out appreciation to the LNP.

He stated that the purpose of the security dialogue is to provide a

platform for direct dialogue between Chinese enterprises and the LNP in order to jointly negotiate solutions to the problems by  ensuring a safe business environment for Chinese institutes and enterprises , and ultimately realizing a positive win-win outcome for both sides. 

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