-Rep. Kolubah speaks on Boakai’s $LD10 million donation

By Jerromie S. Walters

In a surprising turn of events, Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has taken a criticalstand against President-elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai, by demanding transparency regarding his sources of funding since he was announced as the winner of the November 14, 2023, presidential runoff election. 

Representative Kolubah, who initially supported the incoming government, has given President-elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai, between now to this Thursday, January 11, 2024, to disclose the sources of funds he has accepted since he was announced the winner of the November 14, 2023, presidential election.

Representative curiosity comes following a recent donation of $LRD10 million by the president-elect to families affected by the devastating tanker explosion in Totota, Bong County. The Montserrado County District #10 Representative who has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t belong to any party, unease arises from statements made by the president-elect years ago, wherein he publicly acknowledged that he primarily relied on loans for his finances. With this, Representative Kolubah is baffled by the President-elect’s sudden ability to make such a substantial donation.

“I give Boakai from now to Thursday to tell us how he got the $LRD10 million because he told us that he was living on loan and at some point he got support from Stanton through Costa so how he got the money,” he articulated during a press conference Sunday, January 7, 2024, in his district.

The Montserrado County District #10 Lawmaker has vowed to do the disclosure of sources of Mr. Boakai’s recent offers if he (Boakai) fails to do so between now to Thursday. “If he refuses to say it from now to Thursday, I will have a press conference and inform the Liberia people about how he got the money and who are some of those people that have been meeting with him since he won the election.

Moreover, Representative Kolubah has accused executives of the Unity Party (UP) of soliciting funds for individuals who are interested in occupying positions in their government and witching those in the outgoing who have tenure positions.

Representative who appears disappointed in the party that he vigorously campaigned for, threatened to react worse than how he was with the outgoing government if the incoming government renege on prioritizing the major reasons they were elected.

In a solemn demonstration of solidarity and leadership, President-elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai on Sunday, December 31, 2023, visited the site of the devastating petroleum tanker explosion that claimed the lives of over 60 Liberian citizens.

For years, Representative Kubah 

has boldly criticized the outgoing government of Liberia, tirelessly advocating for reform and greater accountability. Serving as a vocal opposition to policies and practices deemed detrimental to the nation, his criticisms earned him a reputation as a fierce advocate for the people.

During the highly contested presidential election of November 14, 2023, Representative Kolubah threw his support behind the incoming president, believing that a change in leadership would bring the much-needed transformation that Liberia required. However, his support was contingent upon the understanding that transparency and accountable governance would take precedence.

Recent events have seemingly fueled the lawmaker’s concerns and prompted him to question the president-elect’s integrity. Specifically, his attention has been drawn to Mr. Boakai’s recent donation of 10 million Liberian dollars to the families of victims of the explosion in Bong County.

As an ardent proponent of transparency and accountability, the lawmaker believes the president-elect must disclose the sources of any funds or offers he has received since the election results were announced. In order to maintain public trust and ensure ethical practices within the new government, transparency is of paramount importance.

The tragic incident occurred on December 27, 2023, in Totota, Bong County, and has left the nation in mourning. While making remarks at the Church service, Sunday, December 31, 2023, President-elect Boakai presented ten million Liberian dollars (10,000,000) and donated 200 bags of rice (25kg).

A statement from the UP noted that President-elect Boakai recognized the gravity of the tragic situation and understands the profound impact it has on the affected families and the entire country. His visit offered condolences to the bereaved families as he expressed support and prayer for the recovery of other victims seeking treatment at various hospitals across the country.

“We are here today to console you, we are here today to tell you that we feel just as hurt as you are, we will stand with you because this is a family affair”, he noted. The president-elect also emphasized the importance of basic education of citizens for safety, self-awareness, and protection in emergencies.