Police in Pleebo have charged and detained a 39-year-old man identified as Wesley Doe for beating his wife Esther Toe, 30 years to death in, Zone 4 Community of Pleebo City, Maryland County.

Eyewitnesses told Journalists that the incident occurred early Sunday morning when two girls children of suspect Wesley Doe whose names are not mentioned, went out for an undisclosed purpose and couldn’t return home.

The eyewitnesses continue by saying, “With this action, Wesley Doe (the suspect) decided to lock up the doors to prevent the kids from entering the house for what he described as a disrespect to parents.

On the contrary, the mother (the victim) appealed to suspect Doe not to do so, but he refused, leading to a fight over the matter.

In the alleged face fight, suspect Wesley Doe pushed his wife (victim Esther Toe), and she immediately fell downward to the ground.

She was rushed to the Pleebo Health Center where she was pronounced dead. 

Detective CSD Investigator Jimmy T. Kaydor of the Pleebo Police Detachment headed a team of investigators who arrested the case.

During the investigation, the accused, suspect Wesley Doe admitted to the allegations.

He has been charged with “MANSLAUGHTER” and detained at the Pleebo Police station, while the Investigation continues.