Report says several properties, including two residences owned by Senator Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, and the Traditional Council Building in Zwedru were reportedly set ablaze by protesters in Grand Gedeh County, early Tuesday, December 5, 2023, as part of their reaction to the death of the county district #1  Representative, Erol Madison Gwion.

Enraged in dismay, the demonstrators echoed their curiosity, with a deep thought that Senator Pennue knows a much more about the lawmaker’s death.  Tragedies surrounding Rep. Gwion’s troubling demise have sparked concerns in the county, a situation that has prompted the citizens’ demand for an independent probe.

The Grand Gedeh County lawmaker’s political journey began in earnest when he was first elected during the by-election in 2020. The former district representative, Hon. Zoe Emmanuel Pennoh, was promoted to the Senate after a successful senatorial election campaign.

Pennoh’s preferred successor was Representative Sokan, but the constituents had other plans. With this, Gwion triumphed in the by-election without the endorsement of the ruling party or Hon. Pennoh, marking a significant political upset.

However, his tenure was not devoid of conflict. An ongoing feud between both Gwion and Pennoh created tension within the county’s administration. In addition to the intrigue, the county’s acting magistrate mysteriously disappeared following the 2020 election results and remains missing.

His death 

Earlier Tuesday, the public was left with shocked following the disclosure of the death of Representative Erol Madison Gwion, CDC Representative of District #1, Grand Gedeh County.

According to family sources, Representative Gwion who was recently got deleted in his district succumbed to a lingering illness earlier this morning.

Battling illness 

Circumstances surrounding the Grand Gedeh county lawmaker demise first started  he was pronounced winner in the By-election back in 2021. It is said that a resident wasted Powder on him as a sign of celebration, a situation that led to his severe illness with rashes on his neck.

Fast forward, he got ill again mid 2023, this also made him unable Campaign for himself prior to the October 10, 2023, elections.

Representative Gwion was in preparation for official certification by the  National Elections Commission (NEC) as the winner of the electoral district #1, Grand Gedeh County, on Friday, December 8.