-Sources reveal touching revelations about Joshua’s death 

By Jerromie S. Walters

For the last several days, both supporters and non supporters of the outgoing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), have mourned the sorrowful demise of Joshua Solomon, a supporter of the CDC who was earlier attacked, and brutalized by individuals believed to be supporters of the Unity Party (UP).

It can be recalled, on August 11, 2023, the Unity Party and CDC got into a riot around the Vamoma House in Sinkor. This riot led to the injuries of several people including the late Joshua Solomon.

Howbeit, following the disclosure of the medical report by the Liberia National Police (LNP), there were mixed reactions, as supporters of the Unity Party (UP) earlier on Sunday, December 3, 2023, claimed that the report was politicized, and the medical practitioner that did the examination was paid.

Hours later, and amid calls by scores of other Liberians for those involved in his brutality to be dealt with according to the law, individuals believed to be family members of the deceased disclosed that they were resolved, and concluded on allowing the matter to be lay to rest.

This, which many believe was prompted by a honest motive, seem to be the other way as family sources and friends that had close proximity with the deceased say the relatives in question are being used by the Unity Party (UP).

“That’s how far the family is going, they are even going as far as wanting to change the medical result, they said the boy didn’t not died from trauma, or brain problem because of the beating, because if you say the boy died from brain problem or trauma, it will come to the beating, so they don’t want it that way, so when we left the place, they said they are going back Jamale to give them different results, I think they have some UP link with Jamale,” our source revealed.

Moreover, they say- “Sad part about it, they did not even like that boy when he was alive. Up to this time that he has died, they don’t still like him, they are trying to do UP versus CDC thing.”

We also gathered that prior to Joshua’s death, the family that’s now insisting that they are resolved to let go of whatever that led to his death, reneged on underwriting costs for his treatments. At a certain point when they paid for the examination, they later asked his friends to refund them and said amour was give back to them. 

Another source further unearthed- “When he died, they didn’t even confirm his death but hastily called St. Moses. All those people that did that writeup, they are extended people, they don’t even care about him. They are doing it for politics and money. That particular aunty put Joshua out, when he went to live with his grandmother, she went there and tormented him and out him out. 

In a video that was done by a media practitioner at the occasion said to have been the naming ceremony of the campaign team of the UP, following the official pronouncement by the National Elections Commission (NEC) for the opening of the October 10, 2023, legislative and presidential elections campaign, Joshua Solomon was seen escaping an attack by those believed to be supporters of the UP, after they threatened drastic action against individual (s) that would have been identified as CDCians.

In the video, the angry Unity Party supporters threatened- “We will kill you, you lucky you survived, you can’t pass here you survive with CDC beret. I want be live, carry me live, you can never pass here with CDC beret today you survive, you will die.”

The brutality of Joshua Solomon which reportedly led to his death, came after the killing of Aloycious Barh in Nimba, and Momo Tamba in Foya, Lofa County. All of the above persons were supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). Like the case of Joshua, both Barh, and Tamba’ death were also linked to supporters of the Unity Party, following different incidents of electoral violence.

Addressing a news conference over the weekend, the Liberia National Police through its spokesperson, H. Moses Carter, stated that the Liberia National Police investigation has established that Joshua Solomon, died as a result of internal bleeding.

With this, a lot of Liberians have pointed fingers at the incoming government. With the latest report, the Liberia National Police has launched the search for persons of interest in the Joshua Solomon. 

The LNP spokesman tells journalists noted that there are video photages in their possession and in the coming days, the police will provide the names of those individuals who were spotted in the video and subsequently charge them.

“We have video in our possission that we are reviewing. In the coming days, we are going to come out with names of those individuals who are spotted in the video photages and subsequently charge those who were involved in the rioting.” Carte assured the public.

In conclusion, the LNP assured the public and the bereaved family about being in partial in bringing to justice all those that may be captured in the video photage.

Mo Ali allegations

Mo Ali, the 2023 campaign spokesman of the Unity Party writes-  “Yesterday, out of our clear heart for humanity, we made a post calling for justice for Joshua, if his death was caused by beating, as was seen in a video. We went beyond partisanship and put human life first. We do not think that the death of any human should be politicize for political gains. However, the CDC,  which Joshua was a member of, has decided to make political gains out of his death. Giving this background, we decided to conduct thorough investigation into the Death Certificate circulating on social media. The findings will be posted in two parts. In part one of his writeup, he alleged that  “Death Certificate” was signed by Francis Kpoleh who refused to indicate his name on the certificate. We got his name using the mobile number he placed on the certificate. “We have uncovered through our investigation that Francis Kpoleh is a 4th year medical school dropout from the A.M. Doglioti Medical School for repeatedly failing.”

He adds that Francis Kpoleh signed the “Death Certificate” as a Medical Doctor with license #2070. Medical Doctor licenses are issued by the Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC) and they are issued sequentially.  Our investigation from the LMDC shows that licenses issued to medical doctors have not exceeded  number 900. It is therefore not possible, according to our sources, for a medical doctor to have license #2070. Francis Kpoleh signed the Death Certificate as Medical Doctor and not as a Physician Assistant (PA). Ideally, medical practice in Liberia depicts that the most suitable person to sign a death certificate should be a medical doctor. “Francis Kpoleh spoke with one of our undercover investigators. In his conversation, Francis Kpoleh who is impersonating as a medical doctor allegedly admitted that the patient, Joshua,  was not admitted at the FREDAI Medical and Eye Clinic. Francis Kpoleh allegedly told our investigator that he saw the patient in the car and that the patient was allegedly dead before arriving at the medical facility (Dead On Arrival).”

He further alleged- “According to our intelligence, this guy impersonating as medical doctor was allegedly asked by some family members and others who took Joshua  to the clinic to write a death certificate. Interestingly, we are told that it was those who carried the late Joshua dictated what should be included in the “Death Certificate”. It is also by practice and law, I am told, that every medical facility must be covered by a medical doctor. The FREDAI Medical and Eye Clinic is using a man impersonating as medical doctor to cover the facility. This is by all means an alleged crime and the clinic itself needs to be investigated.”