– Defense Third Witness Tells Court

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I 

In the ongoing murder trial involving the republic of Liberia by and through the Liberia National Police and the Ministry of Justice versus Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, Ma Rebecca Youdeg Wisner, Gerteode Newton ans Alice C. Johnson, at the first judicial circuit court, criminal court A” presided over by judge Roosevelt Z.  Willie, defense third witness, Alice C Johnson has denied killing her sister Charlie Musu.

“We did not kill Charloe. We never found that though, that mind set to kill Charloe. Charloe was very useful and helpful to us. She was useful to me in such a way that, she will plait my hair on Sunday to get ready for school on Monday. She taught me how to go to the bank and pay my fees. She taught me so many things.” … Defendant Alice C Johnson told the court.

She adds that Charloe is her sister though they are not from the same biological parents, but traditionally they are sister.”Charloe is my sister We are not from the same biological parents, but

traditionally she is my sister. The both of us are related from the father’s side.”

Alice C. Johnson along with the former chief justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, Getrude Newtown, Rebecca Wisner are charged for the crimes of Murder, Criminal Conspiracy and Making false statement to law enforcement officers.

It can be recalled on February 22, 2023, Charlotte Musu was murdered at the home of the former Chief Justice, following allegations of two different criminal attacks on their home.

At the trial on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, defense third witness Alice C. Johnson informed the court on February 22, 2023, she went to school that morning and  came from school around 5pm, and began to prepare food but left all the house open while she alone was at home.

She informed the court that when her mother came home, she went to the car and started to take things down from the car, at about the time darkness was falling.

As it didn’t take long Charloe came knocking at the gate, and she(Alice Johnson ) went and opened the gate for her and she came inside.”

“When I finished taking the things down from the car, it took a lil while before the machine can come on, when the machine came on, it took a little while before the Security could come, when the Security came at the gate, I went to open the gate, the Security came in; I went inside, it didn’t take long Charloe came knocking at the gate, I went and opened the gate for her and she came inside.”

In furtherance, she added that she went inside to sleep, and was sleeping and then heard scream from her aunty Getrude and Charloe. She said that the scream woke her up, but while  tryingto get up from the bed, she saw an image and got stabbed.Something which caused her to yell and  hide herself behind the blue barole in the room. 

“I was sleeping and then I heard a scream from aunty Getrude and Charloe, the scream woke me up, trying to get up from the bed, I saw an image and I got stabbed. I started to yell and I hid myself behind the blue barole in our room.

ln that time, I heard a male voice demanding for keys, he said give me the fucking keys, I stopped hearing them talking, I left from behind the barole and I ran straight to Aunty Youdeh room, when I reached to aunty Youdeh room and entered, I heard her praying, she was praying, all of us were screaming in the house, calling for help, in that time, Aunty Getrude came in aunty Youdeh room and I started to push the door.”

In continuation, she told the open court that it took long before one of the securities came at the door and her aunty Getrude told him to use the cutlass that was in his hand to break the window, when he broke the window, she along with her aunty Getrude, Aunty Youdeh existed through the window