Miss. Aminata S. Kromah, Women’s TV Legislative Reporter has successfully completed a transformative weeklong leadership training at the Not Too Young to Lead Booth Camp in Nigeria. The initiative, driven by youth, brought together aspiring leaders from Liberia, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria.

The Not Too Young to Lead initiative is dedicated to empowering young leaders, fostering their abilities to instigate positive change within their communities. The Booth Camp, spanning a week, featured esteemed facilitators who delved into crucial leadership discussions. Dr. Chuwuka Moye, Hamzal B. Lawal, Amb. Ousman Touray, and Dr. Joseline were among the accomplished leaders who imparted their knowledge and expertise.

The intensive training equipped participants with essential leadership skills, preparing them for the challenges and responsibilities of driving societal progress. The diverse group of attendees, representing various African nations, engaged in discussions, workshops, and practical exercises aimed at honing their leadership acumen.

Journalist Kromah expressed enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity, emphasizing the significance of investing in the leadership potential of the youth. This experience is expected to enrich her role as a legislative reporter and contribute to her broader impact on society.

The Not Too Young to Lead Booth Camp stands as a testament to the commitment of the youth in Africa to take an active role in shaping the future. As these emerging leaders return to their respective nations, the ripple effect of their enhanced leadership skills is poised to bring about positive change on a regional scale.