• As the new corps of officers take office

By. G. Bennie Bravo Johnson

 On Friday, June 10, 2022, under the theme of “legal transparency reporting,” the Association of Judicial Reporters (AJUR) inaugurated a new group of leaders to direct the organization’s activities.

At the induction event, Madam Natasha Yassah Wright and others were honored. The Chief Justice, Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, and other well-known members of the Judiciary were there.

At the induction ceremony, his honor Chief Judge Francis Korkpor asked reporters of the judiciary to live up to the topic “legal transparency reporting” by performing their duties with respect for the law.

He said that the Judiciary is committed to making sure that judiciary reporters have all the legal help and protection they need to do their jobs in a way that is consistent with legal reporting.

 Natasha Yassah Wright, for her part, said that being chosen and installed as President of the Judicial Reporters Association of Liberia was a pleasure and an honor.

 She thanked God and all those who, through their sacrifices and commitment, made her the president of AJUR.

 She then called for unity within the Association of Judicial Reporters, saying, “The election is over, and I call on all reporters who cover the judiciary to work together to make our cherished organization great and continue to serve as the foundation of ethical and professional standards.”

As a peace and unity advocate, allow me to highlight what we all stand to gain if we are as united and peaceful as the legal reporters in the Republic of Liberia.

She kept going by using the group’s services and urging everyone to make sure the group was the best.

 “I have come with open hearts and hands to embrace everyone in an effort to ensure that our organization remains superior to ourselves.” Females are referred to as “mothers,” and as a mother, I encourage you to join our organization to provide security, growth, and dignity for all journalists covering the Judiciary.

 In the meantime, she maintained that collective work is required to advance the organization. “I did not come here as someone who knows everything. We rely on you to collectively generate answers to problems affecting us through brainstorming. She continues, “We are merely the leaders, but we need all the support that will allow us to succeed for the betterment of our organization.”

In addition to the judiciary’s reporters, Madam Wright urged the judiciary’s authorities and other key partners to provide all necessary assistance to advance the Association of Judicial Reporters in the spirit of the AJUR’s original support.

Miss Wright also told her political opponents to put aside their differences and work together for the success of the PUL’s association.

To our competitors and supporters who did not trust us from the very beginning of our political campaign, we say, “Put all your doubts about us to rest and put the interests of our organization first by bringing all the greatest ideas we can all use to make our organization great again.”

Remember that if we are unified, we will speak with one voice on topics of vital importance to us. We, as members of the Press Union of Liberia, the Reporters Association of Liberia, and other organizations, shall also strengthen ourselves.

 In her presentation to the judicial media, she stated that reconciliation is one of the administration’s top priorities. Commit to making sure that the reporters on the Temple of Justice grounds get back together and get the respect they once had.

 The President also said that the organization’s leaders are aware that AJUR has had many problems that have caused them to be very divided. However, with God on their side, the group will be united again and for good.

 Madam Wright told the leaders of the Press Union of Liberia to make partnerships with other groups and keep making them relevant so they could depend on them, stating that the leadership will ensure the complete collection of data on all AJUR members for use in both good and bad times, for training opportunities and other activities that will ensure the growth and development of our organization.

 She stressed that our deals, finances, and other activities will be handled with a lot of transparency and accountability under the new government.

 The Honorable Wright vowed that the AJUR leadership would provide proper training for court reporters. “We will maintain accurate recordkeeping, advocate for training opportunities, and develop our relationships with external organizations.” Always keep in mind that we can accomplish more if we remain together, peaceful, and active, and recognize that our organization is more than one of us”.

 She continued by advising court reporters to adhere to the law when performing their professional duties. “As legal reporters, we must remember that the law is authoritative and serves as a guide for everyone.” We will adhere to all applicable rules and regulations. We are cognizant of the court’s status as a venue of last resort.”

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