– Want harsher punishment for rapists

By. G. Bennie Bravo Johnson

The Angie Brooks International Centre (ABIC) for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, and International Peace and Security, in collaboration with the Federation of the Borough Women of New Kru Town, marched on the streets of New Kru Town for justice against sexual and gender-based violence.

The march was organized in partnership with ZOA, with support from the United Nations Peace Building Fund,

The women expressed their dissatisfaction with the tough and humiliating condition that women and children confront in their communities. The women claimed that the dignity of womanhood is constantly violated and harassed on a daily basis. Women’s rights are violated by those who continue to commit acts of violence and go unpunished without going to court of competent jurisdiction.

Madam Georgia C. Baryo, the president of the Federation of Borough Women, issued a statement on behalf of the organization, calling on the government and the international community to take steps to prevent violence against women.

By yelling “Enough is Enough” to all forms of violence against women, girls, and children, we are saying “Enough is Enough.” This is a heinous conduct.

Madam Baryo bemoaned the fact that children are employed as family breadwinners, and that girls and women are being pushed out of their communities as a result of domestic violence against women and children, which has become the norm.

She went on to say that rapists and those who perpetrate violence against women are free to roam without facing serious consequences.

Meanwhile, Madam Baryo said that in order to make Liberia a secure and violence-free place for women, girls, and children, rapists should face the worst sentence possible as a deterrence.

Rapists and murderers should be held indefinitely in prison.

The women’s group human traffickers to be prosecuted, while more women are sent out of the country on scholarships to pursue higher education in all fields.

At the same time, Madam Baryo called for more women to be employed in all sectors of the economy, as well as a reduction in fees for women who want to run for representative and senate positions, claiming that this would result in more vibrant and independent women who could help swing the country’s pendulum in the right direction.

Dr. Cllr. Yvette Chesson-Wureh, the establishing coordinator for Angie Brooks International and the president of Women for Conflict Prevention and Mediation, warned women not to be victims of men’s aggression for any cause. It’s a good start to say that women are more active and can become more lively in society when they avoid violence that limits their potential. Women should continue to pursue opportunities that will allow them to reach their full potential.

At the same time, he is calling on women to rally support for women who have suffered violent abuses, describing it as the “lappa revolution.”

Meanwhile, Cllr. Dr. Chesson-Wureh admonished women to become more gender-sensitive in the fight against gender balance and violence against women.

She called on mothers not only to listen to the cries of their children but also pay attention to their boys who may suffer abuse from perpetrators of violence.

At the same time, the proprietor of the His Grace Children School, Madam Celine Gboboh, in a special remark, calls on women not to violate the rights of children living with them as long as the fight against the violation of women’s rights continues.

Our cousins’ children, aunt children, brothers’ and sister children are your children too. Beating on them is domestic violence too. If the child eats something or drinks something, don’t burn that child’s hand. 

Meanwhile, Madam Gboboh called on women not to conceal violence against them nor allow the perpetrator to go without facing justice, as doing so will derail the efforts to fight domestic violence.

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