The Leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)   has warned   authorities of the Liberia  Telecommunications  Authority (LTA) and  the two GSM Companies against  the will of grassroot Liberians.

According  to the CDC chairman,  Mulbah Morlu,  President George Weah  has taken seize  of  the surcharge disagreement between  the LTA  and  the two GSM Companies .

He indicated that frantic discussions surrounding the legal  and financial  ramifications of  the surcharge that  are affecting  the masses are un-going.

He assured Liberians especially partisans of the CDC   of a return to status quo in the pricing of data.

Addressing a press conference Tuesday, October 13, 2020, Mr. Morlu disclosed that the CDC has called on the LTA  and the GSM  Companies  to resolve all  disagreements  in the  soonest possible  time  to provide relief  for Liberians .

“we decry  the  breakdown of dispute  resolution mechanism between  the LTA and the GSM Companies , it is this breakdown  that  led  to litigation  which  culminated  in  the recent  Supreme Court  ruling  favoring  the Government,”  he indicated.

The CDC Chairman  said despite  the court’s ruling ,both sides should return  to the dispute resolution mechanism  protected in the act establishing the LTA  or other suitable  frameworks  that place  the supreme court’s ruling in its proper context.

The CDC Chairman further warned

GSM companies to refrain from collusion , which according him, is a  crime of economic sabotage .

He further said  the recent price changes announced by the both GSM companies have elements of collusion , which he indicated  is punishable  under  the Liberian law.

Mr.Morlu  used  the event to remind  the GSM companies  that  it is always  the  interest of the   Government to protect business and  their investments  but to do it in a way  that enhances  the interest of  the Liberian people .

He further told Liberians  that LTA policy  of floor pricing was  intended to protect Lonestar Cell from an aggressive price race to the bottom that was being waged by Orange  a cutthroat competition that would have led to Lone star Cell going out of business .

He further disclosed  that Government works   to protect  Lone Star Cell company and save  hundreds of Liberians jobs.”

Mr. Morlu did not relent  to urge  the LTA Authorities  to exercise care and prudence  when announcing polices  that have implications for  the people  that may pose risk to  the reputation of the Government  which is pro-poor.    

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