-Tribeau wonders, amid $USD1,500 bond fee, with insurance

By Jerromie S. Walters

Tribeau Brown, the daughter of Ms. Deddeh Simmonds, says the 3 suspects earlier apprehended by the police for their involvement in the brutal mob attack on her mother in Redlight, were later released on bail.

It baffles Tribeau Brown to believe that the suspects were released days after their arrest, amid circumstances surrounding the incident and the fact that the suspects were charged $USD1,500 each for bond fee, especially with insurance. She says what’s even more surprising is the fact that she wasn’t informed by the court.

In an interview with a local radio Monday, December 11, 2023, she narrated: “These three motorcyclists, their bond fee was one thousand five hundred with an insurance. I’m in Ghana here taking care of my mother, and I got a call from my friend, she said Tribeau you know what’s going on, you know that these boys are freed? I said how can the boys be free?” It troubles her because of how hard her mother has cried for Justice, even while still on her sick bed.

Upon taking the case to the Monrovia City Court, she said the matter was considered by the court as “Simple Assault”. However, during one of their visits to the court, they were engaged by former LACC Boss, Cllr. Edward Martin, who ensured through the legal means that the charge was amended.

The incident which place November 13, 2023, left social media users shocked, upon the recent release of the video from the scene and seeing how a woman was maltreated over unverified allegation. Following the mob violence, Ms. Deddeh Simmonds, was evacuated to Ghana where she’s now seeking medical treatment.

At Liberia’s bustling Redlight market, Ms. Deddeh Simmonds, became the victim of a severe and undesirable mob attack, which she fortunately survived. 

The incident which saw Ms. Deddeh Simmonds being mercilessly brutalized, and unclothed, was allegedly triggered by a politically charged encounter, when three men aaccused her of being a criminal after she refused to disclose her voting preference in the recent elections. In a troubling video from the scene, the abusers, especially men, were seen flogging, and throwing stones and other harmful objects at Ms. Simmonds, because they said she attempted to steal a motorcycle.

But, Tribeau Brown, the daughter of Ms. Deddeh Simmonds, earlier disclosed that her mother was going about her regular routine in Redlight, November 13, 2023, when the three men approached her, inquiring about her voting choice in the recent elections. Sensing the politically charged nature of the question, Tribeau said her mother politely declined to answer, emphasizing her right to keep her vote private. However, this response seemed to have angered the three men, who then proceeded to intentionally accuse her of criminal activities, sparking the unpleasant reaction of the motorcyclists.