THE RECENT INCIDENT in which Ms. Deddeh Simmonds,was brutally attacked by a mob in Liberia’s commercial hub, Redlight, has shocked many Liberians and raised serious concerns about the state of law and order.

ALLEGELY ACCUSED OF stealing a motorcycle, Ms. Simmonds’ case highlights the urgent need for a thorough investigation into this horrific incident. It is crucial that justice prevails and the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

IN ANY CIVILIZED society, the rule of law is the bedrock of justice. It ensures that all individuals, regardless of their alleged crimes, are entitled to due process and a fair trial. The mob attack on Ms. Deddeh Simmonds, represents a complete breakdown of these fundamental principles, as a group of individuals took the law into their own hands, bypassing the legal system and resorting to violence.

EVEN THOUGH THEY COULDN’T authenticate their claim, we believe one of the pillars of justice is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Ms. Deddeh Simmonds, like any other accused person, should have been given the opportunity to defend herself in a court of law. The mob’s actions not only violated her rights but also undermined the principles of justice that our society strives to uphold. It is essential that we protect the rights of every individual, regardless of the crimes they are accused of committing.

THE BRUTAL MUD attack on Ms. Simmonds sends a dangerous message to our society. If we allow such acts of violence to go unpunished, it sets a precedent that anyone can take the law into their own hands. 

THIS UNDERMINES THE authority of our justice system and erodes public trust. Thoroughly investigating this incident and holding the culprits accountable will send a powerful message that mob justice will not be tolerated in Liberia.

THE INCIDENT IN Redlight exposes the vulnerability of certain communities, especially those who are marginalized and lack access to justice. It is crucial that we address the underlying issues that lead to such acts of violence. Besides, it highlights the dangers of unchecked rumors that’s capable of entrapping any other person and creating worse seen than we saw in Redlight.

THE BRUTAL MOB attack on Ms, Deddeh Simmonds,demands immediate attention from the authorities and the public alike. We must stand united in condemning this act of violence and demanding justice for Dedeh. Liberia’s commitment to the rule of law and protecting the rights of its citizens must be upheld. 

A THOROUGHT INVCESTIGATION into this incident is not only necessary for Ms. Deddeh Simmonds but also for the preservation of justice in our society. Let us work together to ensure that such acts of brutality are never repeated and that the guilty are held accountable.