Fredrick N. Toejaeh, the Secretary General of the famous KAPAO KAPAO watch Group, and resident of Boy’s Town Community, Margibi County, recently reportedly fell prey to the hands of drug dealers, after he met his early demise following reported initial plans by them (Drug dealers) to subdue members of the watch/security group.

According to a Police report, the deceased, born December 25, 1971, met his demise on February 2, 2024. “He was a member of the Kapao Kapao group which the community is fully aware of that is task with the responsibility to buttress the workings of the security sector within the environment to reduce the crime rate.”

Investigators say earlier last week they arrested one of the notorious drug dealers in that part of Liberia and turned him over to the police, but he was later released by the LNP without any further investigation.

“The head of the group (Alex) further stated that as a result of the fellow arrest, the dealers within the environment held a  meeting during the week to get rid of the Kapao Kapao group by setting a death trap for them either unilaterally or individually.”

On Thursday evening, it was reported that the decease (Fredrick) walked along the road with some of his group members to witness a game at the video club and later went back home to prepare for their night operations, but it was reported that he (Fredrick) went back on the road during the late night hours to find food to eat. 

“According to some of his team members, he placed calls to them twice to find out their locations but his line wasn’t cleared and later his phone went off completely. Since Thursday night the team and other community members have been in search of him but he was nowhere to be found.”

Unfortunately, he was found dead this early Saturday, Feb 3, 2024, in an unfinished building that is not too far from his house by two deaf and dumped boys, where his lifeless body appears to be severely beaten and body parts broken till death. 

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