• President Weah names first Dialysis Center in honor of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  
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When I took Office in 2018 as President of Liberia, I was briefed by the then newly-appointed Minister of Health that there was an urgent need for dialysis facilities in Liberia, and that there was a project that had been in the pipeline since 2011 under the previous administration for the establishment of a National Dialysis Center, but it had not yet been completed.
I then instructed the Minister to exert every effort to bring the project to fruition, and gave her my every encouragement and support.  And so today, four years later, I am pleased to be here to participate in the Opening Ceremony of the first Liberia National Dialysis Center.  This is an important milestone in our effort to provide comprehensive and modern health facilities to the People of Liberia.
In so doing, I would like to acknowledge the commendable initiatives taken by my predecessor, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; the former Minister of Health, Dr. Walter Gwinegale, and our then Ambassador to Japan, Madam Younger Telewoda (now accredited to Germany), to get this projected started.
I would also like to express my thanks and appreciation to all of those who, under my Administration, have worked tirelessly to complete the Liberia National Dialysis Center, including the Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhemina Jallah and her able team, as well as the administrative and medical leadership of the JFK Medical Center.
Furthermore, on behalf of the Government and People of Liberia, I would like to extend profound thanks and deep appreciation to Dr. Tokuda Torao, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Administrators of the Tokushukai Medical Corporation, for his kind philanthropy, without which this project might have taken much longer to realize. I would also like to thank the Chairman of Tokushukai, Dr. Afuso Hisaaki, for his continuing support to the project.
Finally, it is important to acknowledge the strong support and important contributions of our international partners to this project, particularly the World Bank, ECOWAS, and the World Health Organization.
This is a journey that began a decade ago, and today, as we are opening the doors to provide access to much-needed dialysis care in Liberia, please join me in giving God the Glory with a loud AMEN.
For too long, Liberians have had to travel out of the country to seek dialysis treatment. No one needs to tell you how costly that is. Not only would you have to worry about the cost of treatment in a foreign country, there is airfare, accommodation, and so many other associated costs which make the overall cost of this lifesaving treatment unaffordable for many.
Today, for the very first time in the history of this country, anyone and everyone can get affordable dialysis treatment right here in Liberia.
I am informed that the facility consists of ten (10) beds.  Although this is a good beginning, it is obviously insufficient to address the needs of the entire country.
I therefore wish to call for the early expansion of this facility, and its replication in other counties in Liberia in order to provide easy access to our citizens who reside in the rural areas.
It is also important to develop appropriate budgetary support for the operation and maintenance of this facility, including the adequate supply of consumables and medications, and training.  
In this regard, I would like to admonish and encourage the Ministry of Health and the Management of the JFK Medical Center to urgently engage the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, and our International Partners, to secure recurring operational support.
To Dr. Brown and the JFK team, allow me to join you to hail the Liberian people for the peace they continue to sustain because without peace, our world will be difficult. Without peace, there will be no development and without development, there would be no National Dialysis Center.
Since this is the first Dialysis Center in Liberia and Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was the first female elected president in Liberia and Africa, it is with great pleasure that I officially declare this National Dialysis Center the E.J.S. DIALYSIS CENTER in honor of former President Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.
I now have the pleasing duty to officially declare the E.J.S. DIALYSIS CENTER open!
I thank you.
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