• Says peace is necessary for development
Gender Minister at Liberia Women Mass Action for Peace

(Thursday, June 10, 2022-Monrovia, Liberia) Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr, Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection, joined hundreds of Liberian women at the conclusion of a fourteen (14) day fast and prayer event for Liberia and the Sub-region organized by the Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace under the banner of the Women in Peace Building Network on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. (WIPNET).

Minister Saydee-Tarr informed the women at the Invincible Park that a society without peace is like living in the wild without knowledge—it erases all gains and pushes us all backward, since without peace, there is war, and war only produces brutish savagery.

She emphasized that the value of peace in any society is self-evident. No country or individual can progress without peace. We can only continue to grow as a country and provide a bright future for our children if there is peace.

Listening to each other and doing our best to understand each other can help keep the peace. We must strive to be kind to one another and view our neighborhood as an extension of our homes.” Minister Tarr expressed the following.

The Gender Boss informed the women that she will present their appeal to President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah.

As always, we know he is our foremost advocate and will make certain that all mandated sectorial agencies purposely and intentionally carry out their responsibilities in relation to the issues mentioned. You can rest assured that as the Feminist-in-Chief, this President, along with his second-in-command, Chief Dr. Cllr. Jewel Howard Taylor, who is a female and, as such, will naturally seek our interest as she has already proven to be a staunch proponent of gender equality, will continue to support the Liberian women’s cause.” Minister Saydee-Tarr made the following statement.

She praised the Liberian leader for establishing a safe haven for praying mothers by allowing ladies from all walks of life, Christian, Muslim, and traditional alike, to pray.

Concerning sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), the Minister made the following appeal: “Let us continue to be vigilant about our children and the most vulnerable members of our communities, keeping our eyes peeled for potential perpetrators while keeping an eye on the triggers and drawing attention to the situation. It is always preferable to stay safe rather than regret afterwards.” It’s impossible to be too cautious. Let’s keep making our drive for peace as inclusive as possible—we need all hands on deck.”

President Weah has not been silent, as the Minister stated. Instead, he has focused on issues affecting women and children, and he has instructed his subordinates to labor with aim and purpose.

She utilized the opportunity to encourage Liberian women to band together to continue lobbying, advocating, and pushing for the approval of the 30% gender quota currently before the Liberian Senate. The Minister stated, “This is a crucial benchmark for the future of wholesome women’s representation in Liberia.”

Minister Saydee-Tarr thanked the organizers, local and regional partners, diplomatic corps, UN partners, and everyone else. Our peace, she claims, would not be solidified without widespread support.

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