The lifeless body of a fourteen-year-old female identified as Anna G. Tweah, has been discovered along the seashore of Grandcess,Wedabo Statutory District, in Grand Kru County.

The teenager reportedly drowned on Friday, 27 August, in River Nugba, in that part of the country, the government-run Liberia News Agency (LINA), has reported.

After days of search, her body was seen along the seashore around the Chugbabo rock on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

The drowning of children in the waters of Grandcess is becoming common as about four children have drowned from the end of 2020 up to now; something the Women and Children Protection Department head of the Liberian National Police Grand Kru Detachment, Michael Harris, alarmed about in June of this year.

Little Anna, according to information gathered, came to stay in Grandcess with her grandmother barely a few months ago from Monrovia.

She met her untimely death while she and others were crossing the Nugba River upon their return from fetching wood from the bushes of Grandcess.

A close relative has reliably informed LINA that the sad incident occurred as a result of a little boy, who is of the same age as Anna, peddling a canoe using his slippers instead of a canoe peddle, coupled with the canoe being reported to have had a hole in it where water started pouring into it in the rising river, before the canoe capsized with minors.

As the incident occurred, the others started jumping from the canoe and swimming to secure their lives while 14yr.-old Anna was left in the canoe to struggle for her life as she did not know how to swim.

Our resources said, though the local authorities in Grandcess have warned against citizens and parents sending their underage children across the sea for wood, but the warning seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police during its investigation after the corpse of the teenager was discovered, setup a 15-person coroner jury to observe the lifeless body and it reported that there was no foul play; indicating that Anna G. Tweah died as a result of drowning.

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