-As 972, 000 children to be vaccinated soon

The Minister of Health Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has declared the polo outbreak in Liberia as a National Public Health Emergency.

According to Dr. Jallah 972,000 children across the country will be vaccinated this year as a means of preventing the spread of the virus.

She disclosed that on December 24, 2020, the Ministry of Health through its National Surveillance System isolated two circulating vaccine derived Polio Virus type-two, from two separate environmental sights in Monrovia.

The Liberian Minister of Health Minister further narrated that since the detection of those viruses in Monrovia, the Polio Virus has spread across the country; thus constraining the MoH and its partner the World Health Organization (WHO) to launch the prevention of the virus  through  the vaccination of children across  the country.

She disclosed the MoH vaccination team will move to every house all of the children from zero to nine months   aimed at protecting every child across in the country.

Minister Jallah divulged that when the targeted children for this year’s anti-Polio campaign are all vaccinated, the MoH would have succeeded in preventing the further speared of the virus and move onto its eradication.

She further disclosed that the MoH and its partners are working to ensure that every child within the target range be vaccinated as well as fulfilling the birth registration of every child.

Dr. Jallah said the team will make sure every child has the opportunity to obtain a birth certificate.

Washington Watson writes.    

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