• Tubman University’s President bows to pressure

After weeks of demonstrations by teachers, staff, and students at William V. S. Tubman University in Maryland County, Dr. Elliott Wreh-Wilson, the university’s president, has finally resigned for financial irregularities and other “wrongdoings.”

According to a news statement posted on the Executive Mansion’s website, President George Manneh Weah has received and accepted the resignation of Dr. D. Elliott Wreh-Wilson, who was named President of Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County, four years ago.

Dr. D. Elliott Wreh-Wilson thanked President Weah for the chance to serve Tubman University in his resignation letter. According to Dr. Wreh-Wilson, serving the student constituency in his birth county was a huge privilege and honor for a man born in Maryland County to parents from Picnic-Cess, Grand Kru County.

He stated that he was constrained to resign because he did not view violence as a means of order, following adversity after adversity on the campus of Tubman University.

Dr. Weah expresses his gratitude to Dr. D. Elliott Wreh-Wilson for his selfless and caring contribution to Tubman University and the country.

Dr. Wreh-Wilson is wished well in his future undertakings, and the President hopes that he will be available to serve his country in any other position in the future.

Meanwhile, President Weah has named Dr. Emmanuel Leon Sie-Wreh as Acting President of Tubman University, pending the Board of Trustees’ vetting of candidates for the subsequent appointment of a new President.

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