• VP Taylor receives the “Medal of Merit in Leadership” Award.

(August 8, 2022) Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor of Liberia is the recipient of the African Bar Association’s renowned “Medal of Merit in Leadership” Award for 2022. The award was presented to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor earlier this week (AFBA).

The “Medal of Merit in Leadership” is a prestigious award that is given out annually by the African Bar Association (AFBA) to leaders of the African continent and other parts of the world who have served with honor, integrity, and distinction in public service and whose extraordinary leadership is inspiring and mentoring young and upcoming leaders all over the African continent and the rest of the world. The recipients of this award are selected based on their ability to inspire and mentor young and upcoming leaders across the African continent and the rest of the world.

The President of the African Foreign Business Association (AFBA), Hannibal Uwaifo, Esq., was the one who presented the Award to Vice President Taylor. He stated that AFBA was overjoyed to present its highest honor of merit to the Liberian Vice President because over the years she has demonstrated excellent leadership both in Liberia and in Africa as a whole. Vice President Taylor was very appreciative of the honor.

He praised her as an intelligent, altruistic, and remarkable leader who is an example of what Africa might become in the future. According to him, Vice President Howard is encouraging women in Africa to pursue leadership roles in all aspects of life, and she has remained outspoken on problems relating to women’s rights and gender-based violence in Liberia as well as across the entire African continent.

Veep Taylor, while receiving the accolade, stated that she was honored yet humbled by the particular recognition that was bestowed to her, and she made a pledge to continue working with pride and dignity for the sake of Liberia and Africa. She gave the impression that the accolade should be bestowed upon the people of Liberia as well as the ladies of Africa.

In the immediate aftermath of Vice President Taylor’s keynote talk at the ongoing AFBA 2022 Conference, which is taking place in the city of Lilongwe in the country of Malawi, she was honored with the Merit Award. The conference is being held under the theme “Instituting an Enduring Legacy of Transparency” and “Accountable Governance in Africa: Fundamental Issues and a Roadmap.” AFBA is the largest Association of Lawyers on the African continent and has been dedicated to protecting the legal profession across Africa, defending the rule of law and the adherence to constitutionalism, advocating for and promoting good governance, and protecting human rights since its establishment. AFBA is the largest Association of Lawyers on the African continent and has been dedicated to The African Federation of Bar Associations (AFBA) hosts an annual conference that brings together thousands of legal professionals, law organizations, and institutions from all over the African continent.

The opening ceremony of the conference was graced by Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera, as well as a number of other government leaders, international dignitaries, legal luminaries, business leaders, trade unions, and human rights organizations, among other groups.

Vice President Taylor is a member of the African Bar Association as well as the Liberian Bar Association. Vice President Taylor is a Liberian lawyer (AFBA).

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