-Madam Miatta Fahnbulleh reacts to Boakai’s inauguration wahala, says she didn’t receive 650k 

By. Vaye A. Lepolu

The chairperson of President Joseph Boakai’s inaugural committee madam Maitta Fahnbulleh says the inaugural committee did not receive the 650k that was budgeted for Joseph Boakai’s inauguration program from the government of Liberia.

According to Madam Fahnbulleh, the government of Liberia through the supervision of the General Service Agency (GSA) boss Madam Mary Broh received the funding for the decoration of the inaugural ground at the Capitol building. “I am not responsible for the poor preparations at the inaugural ground”

She said, making her way to the Capitol she saw a lot of materials were missing at the ground of the capitol on Sunday, and in response to that, madam Fahnbulleh said she was informed that GSA was responsible for the beautification of the inaugural ground.

However, the inaugural chairperson Madam Maitta Fahnbulleh.

Meanwhile, Madam Fahnbulleh added, that several recommendations were made to 

host the inaugural program at a preferable venue that could host  Four thousand (4000) individuals, but they had to remain committed to the constitutional mandate that requires the event to be held at the Capitol.

She claims, she was the inaugural head in name and she was denied to perform her duty by the government of Liberia through GSA, madam Fahnbulleh said she got to know that, her position had been limited.

Madam Maitta Fahnbulleh stated that funds were made on the 15 of January for the inaugural committee to perform their work, for the appearance of President  Joseph Boakai at the Mosque, there were no funds, also she said Sunday of President Joseph N. Boakai at Effort Bathist church for operations including the media no funds were made.

Madam Maitta Fahnbulleh asserted that she is not responsible for the poor preparations at the inaugural ground, she was informed this morning that the huge number of attendances did not correspond with the actual figure needed for the program.

” I am not responsible for the poor preparations at the inaugural ground”

She claims the security department EPS printed seven thousand (700) invitations while 4000 thousand invitations were the actual figure and she said some citizens were entering without a pass.

She stated, that more water was available for distribution, madam Fahnbulleh said the head person of the food center told her, that the water would be given during the food sharing.

According to Madam Maitta Fahnbulleh, her team set up a good protocol team including Ambassador Blamo Nelson from Japan, she said the protocol team was dissolved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

” I set up a good protocol team including ambassador Blamo Nelson from Japan and the protocol team was dissolved by the Foreign Affairs Ministry”

She said, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took over the responsibility of the inaugural protocol and said she didn’t choose the acting chief of the protocol as the M.C, but the Foreign Affairs Ministry chose the M.C.

“Fly was living before dog ear cut and I want to be audited”

Speaking at MICAT press briefing, she said she would not allow her family names or character to be damaged, she said, she was waiting for inaugural funds to survive.

” I was not waiting for the inaugural money for me to survive”

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