-VP Taylor clarifies media report, says she was misconstrued

VP Jewel Howard Taylor meets citizens of Bong

By Dearest Sammie

During a press stakeout that took place only a few minutes before Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor left Gbarnga on August 31, 2022, she denied and clarified media reports that described her as downplaying the importance of Bong County’s role in President George Weah’s reelection campaign in 2023. According to Vice President Howard-Taylor, her assertion that “one county cannot make a president” has been taken in a negative way by some people.

The Vice President stated that she cannot minimize the significance of Bong County in the forthcoming elections; otherwise, she would not have been in the county consolidating her support for President Weah’s re-election. “I need Bong otherwise; I wouldn’t be here. I want Bong to be a no go zone,” VP Taylor declares.

The Bong County strong woman, however, apologized for the controversy her statement had created in the public domain, stating that the statement was not meant to be negative. “If people have taken it out of context, I am very sorry. I made the statement in context.”

It was reported that Madam Taylor was in Bong on a mission related to the consolidation of the county. The Vice President of Liberia stated that her assignment in the county, which lasted for a total of seven days, was successful, and that she would be returning to report to President Weah.

“I have been here for about seven days on an assignment to consolidate Bong County, and to here from the county some of the good things that are happening, know about some of the gaps and how we can consolidate to properly coordinate our activities”.

The seasoned female politician stated that the upcoming presidential election of 2023 will be about Bong County because the county currently has its own daughter serving as Vice President, and as a result, the county cannot afford to lose the position of the second highest in the country. The Vice President further said that there are approximately 32 residents of Bong County who are currently serving in crucial positions in the administration that is led by President Weah. According to what the Vice President had said, the county of Bong was the one that was up for reelection, asking the citizens to make the county as no go zone.

Chief Jewel Howard Taylor has shown a consistent level of political strength in the country ever since the country held its first democratic election following a civil war that lasted for fourteen years. She served in the Senate for a total of two terms before ascending to the position of Vice President.

Some political commentators have suggested that Bong, much like Lofa and Nimba, is a traditional country that will always protect its own citizens. According to what they indicated, the Vice President has an advantage over the majority of the politicians in the county due to the fact that she is thoroughly ingrained in the culture of the county.

The Vice President stated that she will appropriately brief the President about the concerns and developmental needs of the county upon her return to Monrovia with a fair understanding of the situation in the county.

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