-In Bassa and Rivercess Counties

Irish Aid and Concern Worldwide Liberia in partnership with the Community of Hope Agriculture Project (CHAP), are actively engaging local farmers in Bassa and Rivercess counties to enhance food security and economic opportunities. Through the implementation of the (SRI) method, the initiative aims to improve livelihoods and create sustainable jobs for farmers in these regions.

Funded by Irish Aid and Concern Worldwide Liberia, CHAP is currently working with 225 farmers across nine communities in Bassa and Rivercess Counties. The SRI method of rice cultivation enables farmers to maximize yields by planting fewer seeds, ultimately increasing productivity and food security.

Farmers participating in the program expressed gratitude towards Irish Aid, Concern Worldwide Liberia and CHAP for introducing them to the innovative SRI method. They emphasized the significant impact this new approach has had on their farming practices, noting its effectiveness in increasing rice production while requiring less input.

In light of these positive outcomes, farmers are calling on the government of Liberia to support initiatives like CHAP, which contribute to enhancing food security, creating employment opportunities, and reducing reliance on imported rice. They believe that the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices, such as the SRI method, will play a crucial role in strengthening the local agricultural sector and promoting self-sufficiency in rice production.

Overall, the collaboration between Irish Aid, ConcernWorldwide Liberia and CHAP is seen as a valuable investment in the agricultural sector of Bassa and Rivercess Counties, with the potential to bring about long-term benefits for farmers and their communities.

The “I Love Liberian Rice” is proudly produced byCHAP with help from its donor partners.

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