PAYNESVILLE – The Islamic Community in Liberia has broken grounds for the reconstruction of the United Garwah Islamic Center and Mosque in Paynesville.

About a year ago, the facility was gutted by fire leaving 28 students including their teacher dead.
Breaking grounds on behalf of President George Weah, Liberia’s Religious Advisor on Islamic Affairs, Usman Jalloh lauded the Muslim Community for maintaining peaceful coexistence.

Jalloh also commended the Qatar Charity Foundation for providing funding for the project.

He used the occasion to call on Muslims to join an Islamic scholar from the United States and Islamic leaders on November 29, 2020 in appreciating President Weah for providing leadership for all Liberians.

The Chief Imam of the 17th Street Mosque in Monrovia, Cheick Mustapha Baldem also speaking at the occasion, praised President Weah for initiating negotiating on funding for the project.

Imam Balde said the groundbreaking is in fulfillment of President Weah’s promise in ensuring the reconstruction of the edifice in memory of the dead pupils and their fallen teacher.

He asserted that coincidently, the only survival in the fire incident an Imam, died in an accident on the day of signing the agreement for the funding with Qatar Charity Foundation.

For his part, the General Manager of Ndalao Construction International Incorporated, Alhaji Sheriff placed the value of the project US$120,000.

Alhaji Sheriff said the project which is hundred percent funded by the Qatar Charity Foundation is expected to be completed at the end of May next year.

Representing the Muslim Community, Mory Suomanro and Schick Dakowah commended the governments of Liberia and Qatar for ensuring the reconstruction of a memorial of the dead children who were seeking knowledge at the center at the time of their demise.

They urged that all Muslims, during and after Liberia’s electoral period, to remain supportive of the peace and tranquility being currently enjoyed in the country.

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