The not-for-profit, Jomah B. Samuels Care Foundation, Inc. (JBSC-Foundation) has begun putting smiles on the faces of several farmers in Margibi County electoral District #1, with the donation of assorted farming implements and seeds.

The JBSC-Foundation, through its Agricultural Initiative, is also empowering farmers in rural communities across Margibi County electoral District #1 with needed farming skills, through the Foundation’s ongoing training program for local farmers.

According to a press release, the Foundation’s Agricultural Initiative is geared towards empowering farmers in rural communities across Margibi County, beginning with those in District #1, in that part of the country, for the production of food crops, aimed at ensuring that Liberia reaps the benefits of agriculture which the Foundation believes is the bedrock for economic development and sustainability.

The Foundation has a goal to ensure food security in Margibi County, by empowering downtrodden communities, beginning with farmers in Margibi’s electoral District #1.

To date, JBSC-Foundation’s ongoing Agricultural Initiative has covered several towns and villages across Margibi County, with ongoing works in Kaifa Town, Division-4, Camp-C, Johnny Cooper Town, Vai Town, Doorbor Town and Zoewein Town.

Through its Agricultural Initiative, the Foundation which believes in sustainable programs such as agriculture, vocational and technical education, aimed at empowering Liberians, most especially the downtrodden masses of the nation’s population, the nursery-transplanting of food crops such as pepper and bitter-ball, is currently ongoing in Kaifa Town, while okra, cassava and cucumbers are also being planted in Division-4, Johnny Cooper Town, as well as Doorbor and Zoewein Towns respectively.

The JBSC-Foundation’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jomah B. Samuels, is meanwhile, expressing thanks and appreciation to both staff of the Foundation and farmers in Margibi, for what he calls the level of work done by his organization in a relatively short period of time, with regards to empowering rural communities in Margibi County.

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