By Olando Testimony Zeongar

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has released hotlines for whistleblowers, in a bid to boost the Commission’s fight against corruption in Liberia.

The LACC’s Executive Chairperson Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, who officially released the hotlines at a press conference Monday, said the Commission was doing so for members of the public, including media practitioners, religious and civil society organizations, market women, and among others, to report to the LACC acts, signs and any semblance of corruption.

He disclosed that those informing the LACC of crimes in the country, would be protected under the whistleblowers Act, adding that their identities will not be disclosed.

The Commission will ensure that under the whistleblowers Act, whistleblowers are fully protected from dismissal, punishment, administrative harassment, violence, and among others.

“So we want to inform the public that you will be protected under the Whistleblower Act – So the public can be rest assured that the LACC, the Board of Commissioners, our legal department and all, we are up to the task. We know that this is a fragile situation that people are getting afraid [but] they can be rest assured that once you give us your information your name will not be disclosed,” Cllr. Martin stressed.

The hotlines released by the LACC are all toll/talk-free, and they are: 0555395728; 4048; and 0775600050.

According to Cllr. Martin, the release of the hotlines, is part of the Commission’s educational and prevention programs, aimed at helping deter and prevent crimes.

“It is part of our educational program and our prevention program, to make sure that public resources, public monies, public assets, public properties are properly guarded and used for the intended purpose – that the public for which  those resources were created and the purpose for which those assets were created, the public down there will feel its impact,” he emphasized.

The LACC’s Executive Chairperson then called on the Press Union of Liberia, the civil society, student groupings, market women, religious institutions and members of the general public, to aid the LACC, stating, “We cannot fight this bottle alone. It’s a collective battle that requires the interactions and the participation of all Liberians.”

He said Liberians want to see their country redeemed and moving forward, as such, things that have happened in the past, and things that are happening presently, it’s their collective responsibility to make sure that such things be checkmated, in order for the people of Liberia to lead better and good lives.

“Liberia is no exception to [other countries in] the comity of nations that are today boasting of transparency in their own setting. So we are to follow suit and that responsibility is on all of us,” Cllr Martin noted.

He used the occasion to challenge members of the local press of their obligation in the country’s fight against corruption, saying, “You are not foreign press you are Liberian press so you have a major role to play.”

Cllr. Martin:  “As the Board of Commissioners, the heads of the various units of the LACC, we can all make a collective gain to combat this giant that is called corruption.”

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