-As former President Weah admonishes Liberians to take pride in their history 

By Jerromie S. Walters

Liberia’s former President George Weah on Friday, January 19, 2024, recentlyjoined the Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) for the official dedication of the historic Bicentennial Square at Providance Island, the birthplace of Liberia.

At the event, Mr. Weah, admonished Liberians to take pride in their history.  “We must take pride in our unique history.” He hopes that the next government will look in said path. He singled out Amb. Endee, says she personified what a true patriot is.  He said her contribution to the national agenda is beyond the ordinary. “Amb. Endee, Our country owes you a debt of gratitude.” She says the project signifies that peace is intrinsic in all that anyone does.

“I saw war and embraced peace. The peace I brought, the peace I stood for is the peace I give to you my fellow Liberians. Keep the peace, enjoy the motherland, mama Liberia.”

The former Liberian leader  informed his audience that it is his hope and desire that the new administration will also work to continue on such a path in helping to solidify the people’s sense of nationalism and patriotism.

According to him,  the Bicentennial project is one of the proudest of his administration as such paid homage to all of the organizers and relevant agencies of government.  He hailed the Chairman of the Bicentennial steering committee,  Information Minister Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, Foreign Affairs Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr., Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah Jr. among others for a job well done.

In appreciation for Amb. Endee’s gesture to the Liberian state, he said:  “She personified what a true patriot is and she is humble in her service to her Country,” he added. According to Mr. Weah, Amb. Endee’s contributions in maintaining and consolidating peace in Liberia including helping to contribute to rebuilding a devested Country are behind the ordinary.

“Amb. Endee, Liberia owed you a debt of gratitude and I stand here as President of Liberia to recognize and acknowledge your meaningful services to your Country”, he added.

For her, Amb. Juli Endee, the LCP Boss says the project is intended to commemorate a milestone of the bicentennial celebration of Liberia. According to her, the dedication of a legacy project will serve as a testament to her commitment to the state.

She references the significance of the historicity of the Providance Island, as well as the project. Amb. Endee says the project is in no way a mistake, as it resides on the pillar of history, and reflects the historicity of the state.

She noted that it represents a preservation of Liberia’s history and serves as a reference to the struggle Liberians forth-fathers encountered in their settlement.

Liberia’s Information Minister, Ledgehood Julius Rennie, records significant assemblies that have been held on the island, including the bicentennial celebration in 2022.

“The country has a good and rich culture.”

He acknowledges the intrinsic interventions of Amb. Endee in embracing and promoting 

peace in Liberia. In his opinion, people of her kind should be venerated.

Minister Rennie characterized the project as a symbol of peace and unity and hailed Amb. Endee for looking in said direction.

ECOWAS Ambassador to Liberia, Josephine Nkrumah, told the gathering that the bicentennial celebration is worthy of being echoed. She applauded Amb. Endee for keeping the bicentennial alive, as she stressed the uniqueness of a nation being able to celebrate 200 years of existence.

Describing it as the birthplace of the history of Liberia, she says it is not just a celebration for Liberia, but for Africa because slaves from all over were brought here. With this, she described the West African state as the “Melting point of Africa”.

Madam Josephine Nkrumah tells the youth that it is a testament to the history of Liberia. “This should stand as a testament to remind all Liberians, that when the going gets through.”

In her view, Liberia has taken its position in Africa and applauded the President for his astute role.  As noted by the information Minister “We have the potential of driving people not just from America, but from other places if we package the Providence Island.”   

“A President who doesn’t have an open door policy. It has been an experience that is ensemble in my life.” The future is even better, you have become an icon of peace, an icon of democracy.”

UN Resident Coordinator, Christine Umutoni noted that Liberia’s request for the island to be on the UNESCO heritage list is in order. She referenced the significance of the site. “You demonstrate your character as a true peaceful person.” She says the dedication of the PHP park, and his presence at different peace gatherings as well as the peaceful conduct of elections showed his commitment to peace.

Among his many achievements, she says the President leaves Political stability and national unity. She says the Political stability sets the paste for more engagement and investors’ willingness to work with the government.

She says he instills confidence in the Political process. Amongst others she says is the preservation of peace.

She says his involvement in promoting peace will have a long-lasting impact “Peace is a gift you have left with the women, youth, “you have left a great mark.” Thank you for your statesmanship.”

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