Gongloe Charges Legal Practitioners 

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I 

October 10, 2023 Presidential Candidate and renowned Human Rights Lawyer Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe over the weekend charged the newly elected leadership of the African law Students Association and legal practitioner to uphold the integrity and ethical standards of the legal profession. 

He says peace can’t be sustain in any country without the adherence to the rule of law, urging that lawyers therefore, should be agent of change.

Officially inducting the newly elected 

leadership of the Federation of African Law Students (FALAS) into offices,

Cllr. Gongloe stated that to be effective in playing this role, lawyers must dedicate themselves to deepinning their knowledge and understanding of the law of their various countries and uphold the high ethical standard in doing their duties in order to stimulate trust and confidence of the African people in the legal profession.

“The incoming President and leadership elect of FALAS, members of the law faculty’s across the African Continent, the legal profession bears the greater responsibility for creating the atmosphere it requires for building a culture of peace, and political, social as well as Economic progress of Africa” Cllr. Gongloe added.  

He disclosed that he strongly believe that the association is an avenue for law students across Africa to gain and shared knowledge about the extent to which countries of Africa are adhering to the rule of Law. 

” I congratulate the outgoing leadership for managing the Affairs of FALAS and for conducting a free, fair and inclusive elections that led to the peaceful transfer of power. I also want to thank the newly elected leadership. I have no doubt taht the new administration will also able conduct the Affairs of the institution and peaceful pass on power” he stated.

For his part, the newly inducted President of FALAS Mr. Ngungu, president, Kenya, extolled the guest and professors for their supports. 

“We take your observations and advice seriously. I want to assure you that this team will not disappoint you. We will upholds the integrity and creditability of this institution and the legal profession. We will ensure that there is opportunity and collaboration with regional and international bodies to deepening the understanding of students in the profession” he noted.

During the inauguration of the newly elected leadership of FALAS, human rights lawyer and advocate Amb. Najimoulay Lahsen, of Morocco served as guest speaker while Cllr. Gongloe of Liberia performed the inaugural induction rituals.  

Those inducted into offices include, Kioi Ngungu, president, Kenya,  Nokuthual songo Vice president, South Africa, Ephraim T. Nyumah, Secretary General,  Liberia and Success Zibba ,  Deputy Secretary General. 

Also, Hawa D. Director of Accounting – Ghana, Seyram Seyram,  Head of Diplomacy and protocol, Ghana , Asiimwe maria patience, welfare secretary, Elaigwu Eunice, Director of Treasury, Nigeria.  

The Federation of African Law Students (FALAS) is the apex and unifying umbrella body for undergraduate law students across the African continent.

The Federation enjoys goodwill and bank on endorsements from the African Bar Association (AfBA), and other regional/national law bodies across the continent which we mutually collaborate with to foster our founding credo.

FALAS is an international, non-partisan and forward-looking association that is wired towards building a united Africa and a common future and also seeks to promote and protect the interest of justice, fairness, equity and equality in Africa while ensuring at all times regardless of the prevailing circumstances that they are united on all frontiers.

As a unified student body, it primary objective is to provide opportunities for African law students, bridge the existing gap, proffer viable solutions to their problems, build a network of outstanding students who would collaborate towards a common future and ensure that African Law Students are attuned to new realities and global practices.