-WomenVoices examines Lisa Diasay’s potential to lead FeJAL

Ms. Lisa Tenneh Diasay, a household name in the Liberian media is seeking the presidency of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL). With curiosity and skepticism about her preparedness to lead the distinct umbrella and mother body of the female journalists of Liberia, we uncovered that the vibrant young journalist is as prepared as a pastor for a first Sunday sermon.

This was firstly acknowledged by Ms. Lisa Tenneh Diasay’sproactive role as 

the Chief Executive Officer of A-MU-WLU Communications Inc., owner of Women’s TV-Liberia. We became impressed by the fact that she is a Feminist and certified Human Rights Defender. She has a demonstrable diverse range of expertise and a steadfast commitment to social justice and equality in her native Liberia.

As a courageous journalist, she has made a significant impact by shedding light on important issues and amplifying marginalized voices across a broad spectrum. Her dedication to feminist principles, values and human rights advocacy has garnered enviable recognition and respect both locally and internationally.

With more than a decade of professional experience in Electronic, Print, Online Media, and Media development, among other fields, Ms. Diasay has consistently been at the forefront of media innovation and women empowerment. Education has consistently held a paramount position in Lisa’s life. In 2009, she achieved graduation honors from the Carver Mission Academy in ELWA, Paynesville, emerging as one of the top students in her class. 

Throughout her academic journey, she consistently secured a place on the honor list and earned various prestigious ranks within her alma mater. Following her high school education, Lisa pursued her passion for journalism, characterized by profound storytelling, and the empowerment of local voices by enrolling in and successfully completing courses at the Jireh School of Journalism in Monrovia.

Pursuant to her zest for greater and proessional knowledge, in 2017, Lisa meritoriously earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication from African Methodists Episcopal University (AMEU) and received a Certificate from the Coca-Cola Innovation Institute as a distinguished scholar and President. Ms. Diasay holds numerous professional diplomas and certificates in areas such as Public Procurement, Records Management, Peace and Conflict Prevention, and media development. Additionally, she is a young diplomat affiliated with the Kofi Annan Living Memorial Program.

Determined more than ever before to face the trappings of an increasingly competitive job market, Ms. Diasay is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development at the Cuttington University School of Graduate and Professional Studies. In this brief yet intensive period of study, she has gained a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between social, economic, and environmental factors.

Lisa’s academic foundation equips her to address her professional endeavors with a profound appreciation for the complexities inherent in sustainable development and its intersection with human rights.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Lisa has shared her professional experience with several institutions, including King’s FM, UNMIL Radio, Insight News, FrontPageAfrica, One Star News Network, Monrovia Times, The Africa Probe Newspaper, among others. She has also provided consultancy services to various institutions.

As a proactive measure to advance the achievement of Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on gender equality and equal participation, Ms. Diasay has leveraged her media expertise to create Women’s TV-Liberia, the sole online women’s television platform in Liberia. This initiative is dedicated to empowering women, amplifying their narratives, and championing gender equality. Through Women’s TV-Liberia, Lisa has been instrumental in challenging established gender norms, patriarchal systems, and actively advocating for the rights of women and minorities.

Beyond her work in journalism and media, Lisa Tenneh Diasay is a passionate climate justice activist. She recognizes the urgent need to address environmental issues and their impact on human well-being. Through her advocacy efforts, she seeks to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practices and the need for collective action to combat climate change. Her work in this field has earned her accolades and made her a prominent voice for environmental conservation.

Lisa Tenneh Diasay’s steadfast commitment to journalism, feminism, human rights, sustainable development, and climate justice exemplifies her fervor for forging a more equitable and sustainable world. Through her relentless endeavors to confront societal norms, empower marginalized communities, and advocate for environmental conservation, she has emerged as a prominent figure in Liberia, serving as an inspiration to countless aspiring activists and change-makers.

Lisa believes that the world remains unequal if it takes compromise to give people their rights; if it takes money to respect the individual; if it takes a political deal to give people freedom, and if it takes a survey to remove repression.

Moreover, Ms. Diasay’s impactful work has garnered acclaim both at home and abroad, earning recognition from prominent rights groups such as Defend Defenders and Frontline Defenders. These accolades have translated into grants and support that enable her to empower journalists and women human rights defenders in Liberia, steadfastly advocating for their rights and uplifting local communities. In a recent achievement, Lisa secured a grant from the International Women Media Foundation to enhance media coverage on online violence against women in politics. Furthermore, her contributions extend to bolstering the visibility of various local civil society and media organizations in Liberia, including the Women NGO Secretariat of Liberia (WONGOSOL) and SisterAid, among others.