Mother Deals, Children buy  

Drugs Dealer & Victims of Drugs

Reporting reaching Womenvoices Newspaper has confirmed the arrest of a Liberian market woman with huge quantity of narcotic drugs at Bo Waterside from Sierra Leone. According to report, Madam Margaret Varbah was arrested at 1:00pm on Sunday, March 21, 2021. 

Liberia is seemingly becoming a narcotic paradise where the market is increasingly growing and devastatingly ruining its youthful population, thereby dealing fatal blow to the development of the country. There is a reported increase in crime: armed robbery, human trafficking and prostitution stemming from high presence of narcotic drugs in country.

Both girls and boys are equally affected. The streets of major cities are fluttered with common criminals who pretend to be car loaders or car washers but pickpockets most times. Many of these drug addicts are hidden criminals that commit heinous crimes of armed robbery and rape.

In an interview with Liberia News Agency, a score of young ladies who are drug addicts expressed the desire to abandon drug if only if government would provide the necessary support to transform them. The addicts who are predominately teenager revealed that some of their friends sell their young babies to support their habit. According to the report, friends and peers introduced many of the ladies to drugs.

Unfortunately, there is no program to deal with this nightmare. National government does not have any policy in place to deal with the increase number of drug addicts in Liberia.

Madam Varbah, will be processed to court within 48 hours in keeping law.   

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