The “Praise Achievement Awards” is a partnership program between God’s Family Music Ministries (GFMM) and Praise TV that was designed to celebrate artists and music ministers in the gospel music industry and the Church. This program is part of an effort to harness and promote the talents and gifts in the Gospel Music industry globally as well as to appreciate the clergy and some ministries for their immense contributions in our society.

It was established in the year 2020, and the first edition of the competition was held on December 18, 2022 in Accra Ghana. On this international stage, the awards were won by a Liberian artist by the name of Minister Victoria Pittman Keller. The award for Best African Gospel Artist in the Diaspora went to her.

Nominations for various award categories were submitted by musicians and their fans, and these submissions were taken into consideration.

The submissions were evaluated in accordance with the rules of engagement by a panel of industry professionals and selected authorities in Christendom. This was done to ensure that there was no bias and no personal preferences were taken into consideration.

The following percentages within the previous year were taken into consideration when the judges made their decisions about the entries: 50% für das Voting.

20% für künstlerische Qualitat, 20% für das Concept-Message und die technische Qualitat und 10% für die Judges.

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