By: Jerromie S. Walters

Patricia Liza Johnson, a 29 years old Liberian who resided in the Philippines, was recently found dead in her apartment in Brgy, Manuyo 1 Las Pinas City, Philippines.

In a spot report from the Chief of Police of the  Southern Police Office, Las Pinas City Police Station, dated August 27, 2023, it was revealed that Ms. Johnson was discovered dead at 2:30 PM on August 27, 2023 and reported to the Police office at about 4:30 PM on the same day.

Her body was discovered at Unit 330 A, 3rd Flood Wing A, Field Residence Condominium Brgy, Manuyo, 1 Las Pinas City, Philippines.

“On the said DTPO, lifeless body of the victim was discovered, when a roving guard of said condominium smell unpleasant odor coming from the unit of the former, prompted them to report the said incident to Brgy, Manuyo 1, and later in this office.”

It continues, “Investigation discovered that during occularinvestigation it was noticed that the victim was wearing a red underwear and no upper and lower garment, and in a sitting position behind the main door wherein it was already at the state of decomposition.”

Accordingly, the victim was residing alone based on accounts of the unit lessor. The report says SOCO team led by PIL ROSELYN TACDOL, was requested to conduct the technical aspect of the investigation.

Following the incident, it has been made known by the family that they need over $USD20, 000 to bring the body to Liberia for burial purpose.

As they remain constrained at the moment, they have called on well-meaning Liberians to aid them in the process. 

Patricia Liza Johnson was the Chief Executive Officer CEO) of L&B Real Estate Management, a local institution that aid individuals in finding lands, and apartments for rent, lease, and sale.

It was established that she departed Liberia in few months ago, to seek greener pasture in the Philippines.

August 19, 2023, she wrote via her Facebook page acclaiming God for his miraculous grace in her life, and referenced she was told by some of her friends that she’s blessed, considering how things flourished for her in no time in the strange land, an opportunity they never had.

“Even in a different country, God is still faithful some of my friends be like, my sister you are ready bless! Keep praying to that your God! I just smiled and said, my dear God is merciful!.”

She continued, “Opportunity they cried for, things they been waiting for, me that just coming it working out for me just like that. My biggest prayer point is this, God be the carrier of my life! God I invite your present in Everything that I’m doing! God please don’t let me depend on my money or connection But in it all , let your favor and Mercy locate me everywhere I go!

Thank you faithful Jesus Christ! My only God! My king that see and knows my heart !”

“The man that I can’t hide from! The one that knows me more than myself! Jesus there’s no one like You!!!! God did it! Jesus Christ Did it!”

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