Some Liberian women have participated in the Libyan Women’s Union’s Preparatory Committee for the General Elections as a constructive gesture to reflect national entitlement, Women Voices newspaper has reliably gathered.

As at press time, Women Voices newspaper had not received the exact number and names of Liberian women that participated in the event, but according to the Libyan Express, the Liberian women participated in the establishment of the General Union for Libyan women with the goal of taking an active part in building a civil and democratic state in that part of the world.

The event lasted two days, on July 7 and 8, at Libya’s National High Electoral Commission Information Centre, and it hosted 86 women who voted and elected a president and two deputies to lead the union.

Libyan women had previously laid the groundwork for the Direct Democracy Project by establishing and electing the Libyan Women’s General Union, which had resulted in the election of the President and her two Vice-Presidents in the presence of 86 women voters, 73 of whom had voted.

The voting results produced a winning list of three, with Fathia Ahmed Al-Bakhbakhi elected as the General Women’s Union’s head, Nana Yusuf Issa as her first deputy, and Samar Najmi Abdul Malik as her second deputy.

The ceremony ended in the spirit of all Libyan women’s desire to play a vital role in building a civil and democratic state.

Source: Libyan Express

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