The Liberian National Student Union (LINSU), which was founded in 1952, celebrated its 70th anniversary on Friday January 28, 2022 at the Blue Sport Stadium (BYC Field). At ceremony, three prominent Liberian youth and student organizations vowed to refuse the government’s subsidies if their budgets were not increased.

Mohammed Gandhi Kamara, President of the Liberian National Student Union (LINSU), along with the President of the Federation of Liberian Youths (FLY) and the Speaker of the Manor River Union Youth Parliament (MYRUP-Liberia Charter), have urged the national government to increase support for the three (3) youth organizations so that they can address some of their constituents’ concerns. Gandhi, who referred to the present budgetary allotments to LINSU and her peers as “PEANUTS,” reminded the administration that their institutions could survive independently of the government’s budgets for years, as was until late 2007, during former Liberian President Ellen Johnson-first Sirleaf’s term.

A colorful grand parade that drew hundreds of students from dozens of high schools, colleges, and universities across the country began at the Liberia National Students Union (LINSU) headquarters, proceeded to the University of Liberia’s main campus, and ended at the Blue Sport Stadium (BYC Field), where an official indoor program was held.

At LINSU’s 70th anniversary, one of its former presidents and comptroller general, Janga Augustus Kowo, delivered a powerful oration, urging today’s youth and students to keep the flames of student activism burning through development advocacy, but in a “civil manner,” reminding the body that the time had passed to continue with the regular style of combativeness, knowing that the current regime is made up of veteran students. He also invited LINSU’s leadership and its counterparts to participate in more “round table meetings,” assuring them that the government is a “LISTENING EARS” regime for the Liberian people.

Varney A. Jarsey, President of the All Africa Students Union, Ali Krayee, Liberia’s Chief Imam, Samora P.Z. Wolokollie, and Martin Saye Kollah, Secretary General of the Liberty Party. Others include former LINSU President Kwami Emmanuel Ross and Representative Frank Saah Foko, Jr. from District # 9.

It’s also worth noting that the President (Gandhi) named a new Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC) Chairman (Mr. Varney A. Jarsey) to head the fifth post-war congress, which is expected to usher in new leadership to lead the Liberian National Students Union for the next two years.

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