• Launch ‘Operation Clear Community Ghettos’

The Liberia National Police have launched a major effort to eradicate ghettos from various areas, which will benefit Liberians across the country.

Several ghettos in Caldwell, Logan Town, and Duala were destroyed and burned during the operation, which began last week.

Late last year, the LNP leadership committed to raiding and eradicating ghettos functioning in various areas in order to bring relief to citizens who had been victims of hijacking, armed robbery, and theft of their personal belongings at the hands of marauding criminals.

The LNP’s Inspector General, Patrick Sudue, believes the effort will last for a long time until relief can be delivered to various localities.

“The child who says its mother will not sleep; that child will not sleep,” IG Sudue said, adding that anyone who believes this ‘Operation’ will be short-lived is daydreaming.

The LNP is working with various communities to ensure that raided and burned ghettos are not recreated as part of maintaining this effort.

According LNP release, IG Sudue encourages community leaders and residents to take ownership of the operation by assisting the police in eradicating ghettos from their neighborhoods.

The LNP is certain that this new operation will significantly contribute to the reduction of crime and the freedom of movement of neighborhood residents.

As a result, community members are invited to phone these numbers if any of these demolished ghettos need to be rebuilt, the PNL said it will not hesitate to go in promptly to deal with situation. 0770800911, 0770800990, 0770800122, 0770800105, 0770800109, 0770800142, 0770800111, 0770800410, 0770800411, 0770800428 are the phone numbers to dial.

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