-Sister Aid encourages President Boakai

By Jerromie S. Walters.

Sister Aid Liberia, a Civil Society Organization in Liberia, has rallied President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s administration to appoint qualified women to top positions and advance women’s rights and functional needs.

Out of 72 appointments so far, President Boakai has appointed 53 men and 19 women. Recently, he appointed former Montserrado County Representative Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis, as President and Chief Executive Officer, of National Oil Company (NOCAL), and Mrs. Louise Tamba, as Business Manager of, the Ministry of State.

In a recent release, the institution noted: “The current period of the UP-led Government from transitioning to governing is crucial. It presents influencing opportunities for us women to assert our voice, put our interests, and engage strategically. Our voice and interests echo one demand: Make Gender an Agenda.”

As part of their efforts, Sister Aid says its team initiated a meeting with Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Senate Pro-Tempore of the Republic of Liberia, along with the Women NGOs Secretariat of Liberia. 

During the meeting, the institution release says they emphasized their request that the Government should continue to make Gender an Agenda in the ongoing nomination process and should urgently prioritize the passage of the public health law, among other things, following the confirmation hearing activity. 

“We continue to stress the need to appoint to certain top positions in ministries women who reflect the broader aspirations of the women community, are conversant with the gender contexts, and have track record regarding policy advocacy, leadership, partnership brokering, and technical skills set in gender matters.”

Sister Aid has extended much appreciation to Senator Lawrence for what they described as her continuous commitment to bringing to fore gender agenda. “Much appreciation to Pro-Temp Karnga-Lawrence for her continuous commitment to bringing to fore gender agenda. “To the women of Liberia, may we all continue to assert our voice, input our interests, and strategically engage in the interest of women and all Liberians.”

Following the inauguration of Mr. Boakai, Sister Aid Boss, Madam Miatta Darwolor came forward with a list of recommendations for President Boakai’s administration to prioritize gender equality, inclusivity, and national unity, acknowledging women’s significant contributions during the campaign period.

One of the urgent concerns highlighted by the women’s rights defender stressed the need to create avenues for women’s growth and success in business. Despite their enormous potential, Liberian women face numerous obstacles such as limited access to capital, discriminatory practices, and cultural biases that hinder their entrepreneurial ventures.

To address these issues, Madam Miatta Darwolor said President Boakai’s administration should focus on promoting policies that foster an enabling business environment for women.

Women in Liberia have been tireless supporters of President Boakai’s campaign, a they stood firmly by his side. Now, Madam Darwolor believes it is crucial to recognize their loyalty and dedication by ensuring their inclusion in decision-making processes at the highest levels, including the cabinet and administration.

At the same time, she said respect for women’s rights should be a cornerstone of President Boakai’s administration. Liberia has made significant progress in this area, but persistent challenges such as violence against women, gender-based discrimination, and limited access to education and healthcare continue to undermine gender equality.

She told this paper that the government must reinforce existing laws protecting women’s rights and work towards their effective implementation. Early June 2023, Mamena Kai, the former Deputy Minister for Children and Social Protection at the Ministry of Gender, disclosed that for the first quarter of last year (2023), the Ministry recorded 759 sexual and gender-based violence cases in Liberia. According to the young Minister, the total number of cases the Ministry recorded for the first quarter, which is January to March is 759 cases.

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