-Victim’s mother says because he (The perpetrator) said he doesn’t like it.

The victim’s lifeless body

By: Jerromie S. Walters

Samuel Yanqae Porte, a 49 year old man late Saturday, September 2, 2023, mercilessly murdered his 40 year old partner Sarah Y. Morris, after a reported death threat earlier the same day, because she cooked cassava leaf soup, knowing that he doesn’t like it.

“I saw the man with the cutlass in his hands, he had bag, then I asked Samuel what happened, I said it was the children that called me, what happened, he said old ma, your daughter know that I can’t eat cassava leaf, then she go cook cassava leaf, she can’t respect me,” she noted.

The victim was unmercifully chopped by her partner Samuel Yanqae Porte, on her head, neck, and other parts of her body, at their Porte Hill residence, in Crozierville, Montserrado County.

As established by the victim’s mother, Ma Musu Cox and other family sources, she (The victim) escorted her daughter late that night to attend to nature, but surprisingly got engaged by the murderer, who chopped her several times.

“I only heard her shouting mama I’m dying, so I went outside and saw him holding the cutlass over her, so I ran to him and held the cutlass. We fought over the cutlass and then he left it and walked out of the yard,” she said.

Ma Musu Cox narrated that the entire confrontation begun earlier that day, when she was informed by the victim that her partner destroyed all of her business materials, because she cooked cassava leaf, and he doesn’t like it.

Because of this, the victim’s mother said the perpetrator angrily told her that he wasn’t spending the night at their home, and later threatened unspecified actions before he left. 

Accordingly, the perpetrator departed the house that evening and then her mother (the victim) too decided to spend the night at their home (the victim’s home), because it was already late for her to return home.

With this, Ma Musu said she was shocked when she saw the perpetrator committing the act, considering that he informed them he wasn’t sleeping at the house.

Enraged in agony and distress, the victim’s mother described the incident as a significant loss, considering that the deceased was her only child.

“Let justice be done to all man,” she pleaded and called on the Liberia National Police, and the Ministry of Justice to ensure that justice is served.

This demeaning situation didn’t only affect the victim, but also her daughter and mother (Ma Musu) who the alleged perpetrator chopped multiple times.

When the victim was alive

The victim, Sarah Y. Morris was a University dropout. She attended the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU).

Who’s Samuel Yanqae Porte?

Elders of Porte Hill community, Crozierville Township, Montserrado County, told this paper that the perpetrator has been residing in the area for over 40 years.

According to them, he has committed multiple crimes, including murder, and rape.

Amid these crimes, he managed to exonerate himself and returned to the community.

Alono Sackei, an elderly resident of Porte Hill community,Crozierville, Montserrado County, acknowledged statements from other individuals that the perpetrator raped another resident of the community, and murdered another elderly man in the community.

Because of this, Alono Sackei said the perpetrator isolated himself from other residents of the community, due to where his home was situated.

“They isolated themselves from other people in the City and went to live in the bush and it was shocked last night. As I speak to you, we are in great pain. I remember Yanyae Porte sometimes ago, the first incident he heard was that he raped a child, and after sometime, there was an old man in the township of Crozierville, he ran into him with a bicycle and the old man fell on his head and he died,” he recalled.  

Porte and his late partner lived along with their daughter in an isolated part of the community, several miles away from other residents.

Porte & Sarah’s home in Crozierville Township

We gathered from the victim’s mother that Sarah Y. Morris and Samuel Porte spent about five years together. Their only child died some years ago. Prior to the incident, they had misunderstanding on countless occasions.

However, when quizzed about what kind of individual she has known the perpetrator to be, the victim’s mother said she doesn’t know Porte (the perpetrator) to be an arrogant, or aggressive person.

Where’s the perpetrator?

The Police at Careysburg, Zone 11 confirmed that the perpetrator was taken to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, after it was noticed that he had some emergency health complications.

They confirmed that upon seeking medical treatment, he will be taken to the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP) for further investigation.

Also, it was made known that the removal of the perpetrator from the local deport, was as a result of angry crowd who insisted that he (the perpetrator) be murder also for his action.

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