Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has been a politician under the spotlight since his ascendancy to the Liberian Senate; his critics have maintained that the Montserrado Senator placed himself on the grill long before taking his senatorial seat, even referring to himself from the onset, as “The Light.”

For many, his prestige is dwindling amidst a trail of political missteps by him while a plethora of resignations from his office in recent times may only speak to the fact that Liberians desire a genuine leader and not one with a phony character.  

Many will only wonder and ask why several stalwarts in the office of the Montserrado County Senator will want to resign and truncate their efforts to further continue to stand in advocacy with a man who apportioned himself to genuinely fight for the cause of the Liberian people as he purports to be “the Light.”

The answer to said inquiry is unambiguous, considering the sudden rush of improprieties that have characterized Dillon’s operandi as a Senator. Many have watched and are testaments to how he journeyed to the Liberian Senate parading himself as a saint, however, more are ever watching how the Senator himself is disintegrating his morals as he shifts from one scam to another.

During his journey and in his quest to obtain the Montserrado County Senatorial seat, Dillon’s comportment at the time showcased a manner of servitude to the people – one that entails a placid commitment to the cause to ably representing his constituents even at the peril of his life, but however, that was short lived as the Senator ascended only to find himself plummeting into the web of dishonesties (the US$15,000 saga and boarding of first-class on his trip to the USA, among others) which himself shunned and strongly opposed in the past.

In one of his stunts campaign trailer as posted by him on social media (Facebook), Dillon could be seen standing in a long queue at one voting center to cast his ballot, he then wrote: “We are in the queue to cast our ballot in Barnersville at Grace Baptist Polling Center. No ‘Big Shot’ business; da first come first served! This is called obeying the system!!”

Another post by the Senator showed him sitting on the bare floor at the feet of former Liberian Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, the meme was captioned: “We stop-by to pay respect and express our deep sense of gratitude to #JNB for blessing us with his support. And he presented us a GIFT”.   

Until now, there still may be, but only one cardinal reason why the people of Montserrado County went on to elect Dillon as Senator and it was because of how he exhibited himself as a genuine grass rooter, a puritan and a man who they taught would remain constant in his advocacy, especially in his fight against corruption, this is but a pure evidence that the people of Liberia are truly searching for a genuine leader.

Mass Resignations:

The mass exodus occasioned by a series of resignations of several stalwarts from Senator Dillon’s office speak volumes, it is an indication that something is fundamentally wrong with the way the Senator governs his followers.

Barely a week after the people of Montserrado County witnessed the resignation of Martin Saye Kolleh from the office of Senator Dillon, the Senator’s Administrative Assistant D. Ulysses Barchue and his Political Officer Abel N. Plackie also tendered in the letters of resignation detaching themselves from the office of the lawmaker.  

While this may connote a signal of negativity for the senator, it is however clear that in some of the letters of resignation presented to the Senator the authors were accurate in minimizing the damage as they cited their discontents and reasons for resignation.

Abel N. Plackie wrote: “I would like to use this time to thank you for the opportunity afforded me to serve on your team since your historic election, certification and subsequent induction as Senator of Montserrado County in the Honorable Liberia Senate.”

Plackie, however, noted: “My resignation which takes effect in two (2) weeks as of the date of this communication is solely motivated by personal and professional reasons coupled with policy differences on issues of national concerns, etc.

While Plackie may be mincing his words, D. Ulysses Barchue did not hesitate to hammer his Boss as he wrote: “My resignation is not only hinged on administrative and other professional otherness, but as well as the opprobrium that heaped you and your office.”     

Sensing the frustrations in the tones of our fellow compatriots as they sadly part ways with Senator Dillon, it is obvious that their initial expectations were not met, their search and hope to follow a character that embodies nationalism and consistency have been thwarted by the man himself that purported to be a saint.

The act of corruption and other acts of dishonesties in the governance architect of our nation in its entirety, is wrong and must be met with utter condemnation at all times, all Liberians must stand up to shun those who are motivated to only pillage, plunder and desecrate the sanctity of our nation; what we must not do, as in the case of Senator Dillon is to hide under the façade of presence to propel ourselves at the detriment of those who seek sanctuary in our abilities to lead them.

Source: LINA

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