-Reinstates Sammie, Rosetta, and others.

In preparation for the Presidential and Legislative Elections of 2023, the opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has extended executive clemency to its former National Secretary General, Mr. Robert Sammie and the former Women League Chairperson, Ms. Rosetta Jones, as well as to all members who have voluntarily or involuntarily left the party.

The MOVEE National Executive Committee held an emergency meeting over the weekend, which was well attended by a large number of party members. The members of the MOVEE NEC voted, by an overwhelming majority, to grant pardons to all of those individuals who had been expelled or suspended from the party, and to reinstate them as members of the party with immediate effect.

When speaking to the media about the decision made by the NEC of the party, the National Deputy Secretary, Jeremiah Edison Paye, stated that the decision was made in the spirit of reconciliation and to harness the expertise and support of all of the party’s former members who are willing to return to the party as the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections approach.

Paye made this statement while communicating the decision made by the NEC of the party to the media. Paye claims that Mr. Sammie and the other individuals who were restored will now have access to all of the benefits and perks that come along with being a member of MOVEE.

It should be recalled that Mr. Robert Sammie was booted out of his position as National Secretary General of MOVEE before being kicked out of the party by its National Executive Committee (NEC) for allegedly inserting the names of some members of the National Executive Committee in a purported release that expressed disagreement with the NEC decision to join the Rainbow Alliance.

In addition, Madam Rosetta Jones was removed from her position as Chairperson of the Women’s League after she was accused of manipulating public media to make the choice of the party to join the Rainbow Alliance appear to be illegal and unintended.

Mr. Paye made the following announcements regarding other significant decisions that were reached during the Emergency Sitting of the MOVEE National Executive Committee: “That the National Vice Chair for Administration, Dr. Roland Jallah, be removed for negligence of duties and functions and failures to participate in the party’s activities; that an Emergency National Convention of the party be conducted in September 2022 to decide on critical issues relating to the party’s status and operations ahead of the 2023 Presidential.

It has been presumed that Mr. Robert Sammie will succeed Mr. Dan Saryee as National Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment. Madam Rosetta Jones would go to Vice Chair for Resource Mobilization, and that Mr. Dan Saryee will move on to a position of political leadership within the Party.

 According to the MOVEE Deputy Chief Scribe, the decisions that were reached at the emergency NEC Sitting have now made it possible for all former MOVEE members to return to the party in order to contribute their full efforts to the party’s onward march.

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