G. Bennie Bravo Johnson is the author of this piece.

Mrs. Patience Welma Blaye Sampson, a strong Liberian woman, on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, dedicated a contemporary laboratory and a clean restroom to Sean Devereux High School in Parry Town, VOA-1 Browerville.

Mrs. Sampson praised the Sean Devereux High School administration for assisting the government in providing quality education to school-aged children and retaining them in school, particularly girls, as research shows that girls between the ages of 15 and 18 drop out of school before completing high school due to a variety of factors.

Mrs. Sampson claims that some children drop out of school owing to dangerous or unsanitary facilities, tuition rises, traditional practice, a dearth of female teachers who may serve as inspiration in the classroom, early marriage, and an unfavorable school curriculum, among other things.

She went on to say that every child has the right to a good education, and that everyone should work more to ensure that every child receives a good education.

“If we must do better, we must address the many problems our children face in accessing quality education. It’s a right for every child. We must commit to ensuring quality education for a sustainable future,” she said.

She went on to say that if the generation that currently sits at the table or wants to sit at the table is unable to provide quality education for the younger generations, they should step aside and allow those who will provide quality education for all to sit at the table, because there can be no sustainable future if those who will take over are not educated now.

“It should be worrisome not only to the country as a whole but to our very existence as a community. We must take action when the opportunity is at our doorstep.”

Mrs. Sampson closed by offering her support for maintaining campus facilities clean and ready for students to utilize as a means of ensuring that all kids receive a quality education.

At the same time, student Otto L. Dukuly of the 12th grade appealed to donors and well-meaning Liberians in the district to provide the school with laboratory utensils, which are critical to gaining a proper education, particularly in the sciences.

He revealed that there is a need for materials such as steering-rugs, backups, lab-coats, and most importantly, those substances needed in the laboratory for experiments.

For his part, the district education officer, Mr. Marcus F. Galatouo, appreciated the administration for bringing into being a science laboratory that will expose the students to basic scientific knowledge that students need in preparing for the national exam, revealing that it is the first of its kind since his assignment in the district. “Since my assignment in this district as DEO, this is my first time being called to a dedication ceremony by a school. Especially a science laboratory that will expose our students to the basic scientific knowledge that is required of them to sit a national exam. ” Meanwhile, Mr. Galatouo assured the Sean Devereux High School administration of his efforts to negotiate with the county education council and the ministry of education in order to obtain subsidies to

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