– As VP Taylor sits under Biney’s gavel  

It took a very long time, but Jewel Howard Taylor, who is the standard bearer for the National Patriotic Party, has now acknowledged publicly that Senator James Biney is the rightful chairman of the National Patriotic Party (NPP).

The recognition of Biney by Vice President Taylor comes just a few days after a meeting with President George Weah, who instructed the NPP to return to the “status quo ante” and focus on the re-election of the Coalition in October 2023, in the wake of months of disputes that led to the fractionalization of the party. Weah’s instruction came after months of disagreements that led to the breakup of the party.

Thursday during a meeting held at the headquarters of the National People’s Party (NPP) in Tarr Town in Congo Town, Madam Taylor stated that since the President had made the request, she does recognize the Maryland Senator as the chairman of the party.

Before she made her announcement, Senator James Biney demanded that he not acknowledge the Vice President as the standard bearer of the NPP unless she recognizes him as Chairman and denounces Cllr. Stanley KpaKline as Chairman.

In response, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor admitted that although she was a member of the faction that elected Cllr. KpaKline as Chairman of the NPP, as a result of President Weah’s intervention, she no longer recognized him in that capacity. This was despite the fact that she had been a part of the faction that elected him.

In the meantime, Liberian economist Sam Jackson, a veteran of the field, has renewed his membership in the NPP.

According to Mr. Jackson, he has come to the conclusion that the National People’s Party is essential to the success of any political party in the upcoming election in October.

Jackson, a veteran of the party, indicated that despite leaving for a long time, he has returned to ensure that the NPP increases its position in the Coalition and re-elects President Weah. Jackson’s comments were made in the context of his role as a veteran of the party. NPP is one of the constituent members of the ruling coalition of democratic change (CDC).

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