The Assistant Pastor of  the Greater Outreach Zubah Town Church, located in Paynesville City, Rev. George Flomo,  has urged that pastors and religious leaders across  the country be morally upright.

Rev. Flomo said as a cleric, the lives of God’s children depend on the spiritual guidance of pastors and other religious leaders, who he challenged to carry out their duties and responsibilities with good moral standings in the Liberian society.

Rev. Flomo , who made these assertions when he spoke with Women Voices newspaper in an interview Thursday, lamented that it was disheartening for a pastor to be allegedly linked to rape, stressing that this has an overall effect on workings of pastors in the country in general.

He said as a pastor, who others follow for moral and spiritual direction in  the kingdom of God, one should be above reproach, and do all within his power not to be linked to any act of immorality.

Rev. Flomo made specific reference to recent reports of a Kakata, Matgibi County based Apostle,  Franklin Snorton of the Kakata Philadelphia Church, who  is accused of raping  a 21-year-old woman.

Following police preliminary investigation, Apostle Snorton has been remanded at the Kakata Central Prison, awaiting court trial.

Rev. Flomo added that whether vindicated or convicted, the stigma of the fact that a Pastor was linked to rape, would easily not be erased, making specific reference to the church, which he said will have to live with same for a long time to come.

He used the interview to  admonished Pastors in the country to always strive to live above all forms of temptation, especially the ones associated with females, who he said may always seek spiritual assistance in various forms, including prayer and consultations from Pastors.

Rev.Flomo said  the Devil is like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour, especially Pastors, adding that it therefore, now was the time for Pastors to be firm in the faith by fully emulating Christ, in order to withstand temptations being masterminded by Satan and his operatives.

Meanwhile, Rev. Flomo wants Pastors across the country to create a prayer network to intercede for each other, as a mean of looking out for one another, for the purpose of gaining needed strength and advantage over the adversary to effectively do God’s work and defeat the Devil.

 He said it is only through persistent and consistent prayer that Pastors can overcome temptations of the kingdom of darkness.

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