• A business woman accuses Bea Mountain of damage caused by flooding.

By. G Bennie Bravo Johnson

Wango Fayiah, a Liberian businesswoman based in Weajue Town, has accused Bea Mountain Mining Corporation of being to blame for the enormous loss she sustained as a result of floods that penetrated her place of business and caused damage to a number of cane beverages and generators, among other things.

The floods that occurred in the Weajue village in Grand Cape Mount on September 24, 2022, as reported by Madam Fayiah to the reporters through phone call, occurred once again on Friday, which resulted in the destruction of several homes around a few weeks earlier.

She bemoaned the fact that the torrential rainfall of rain that occurred on Friday night was a major catastrophe for the Bracket Business Center that was located at Weajue, as well as for the Mana Clan and the entirety of the Gola Konneh District.

According to Madam Fayiah, her typical business operations have been hampered for the past two days, and it is possible that they will be disrupted for up to a week as a result of the fact that the entire building is occupied with mud, which is believed to have washed down from the Mount Survive, which is where Bea Mountain operates the Underground Weajue Mines.

According to Madam Wango Fayiah, before Bea Mountain began its mining activities in the town, she had never encountered floods on such a scale in all of the years that have passed since the structure in which she lived had been constructed.

She demanded that the local authorities and legislative leadership of Cape Mount, as well as the government of Liberia, put pressure on the management of Bea Mountain to compensate her and the entire Gola Konneh District for the losses they incurred as a result of the company’s underground mining activities in the area and its refusal to have them relocated. The losses were incurred as a result of the company’s refusal to have the mining operations moved.

Since Bea Mountain began operations in this location, this is the third time in a row that something of this nature has occurred during the wet season.

A severe storm caused damage to the roofs of multiple homes before floods completely destroyed at least seven (7) of the homes, according to our counts. — I quote her.

She proceeded by saying, “The floods that occurred today spurred the women of Weajue Town to stage a demonstration that lasted several hours asking that the town be relocated.”

But Arthur Konneh, the District Commissioner, and Gbennie Boima, the Clan Chief, stepped in and made a pledge to get back to the people of Weajue on Monday. It was her last point.

In the meantime, Baaka Town in Porkpa District, which is located on the Bambala side of the district, is currently cut off from Gbarnga in Porkpa District, which is located on the Damballa side of the district, as a result of the heavy downpour of rain that forcibly removed the pipe that served as a bridge.

According to a media practitioner who traveled from Lofa Bridge to Damballa on Saturday, September 25, 2022, Mr. Beholds Elijah, they were forced to walk through the water that stopped at their wrist level because it was impossible to travel by vehicle. Mr. Beholds Elijah revealed that they had to leave their vehicles behind and walk through the water, which stopped at their wrist level.

Since the entirety of Baaka Town is blocked off, he urged the government, through the Ministry of public works, stakeholders in the Porkpa District, and groups representing civil society to grab the situation and find a solution to it.

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