-To safeguard state resources

As the country goes through a critical transition period that should witness the meticulous stocktaking of state resources, culminating in a peaceful democratic transfer of power from the outgoing George Manneh Weah government to the incoming Joseph Nyuma Boakai administration on January 22, 2024, the Weah administration has forthwith issued a directive to all government entities aimed that safeguarding state resources during the transition period.

According to a Special Presidential Directive issued December 18, 2023, from President George M. Weah, titled: “Measures to Safeguard State Resources During the Transition Period”, given the current financial and economic situation of the Country, and to safeguard State resources from misuse during this transition period, it has become expedient in the public interest to take some executive measures.

In line with the Special Presidential Directive affecting all Government Entities including Ministries, Agencies, Commissions, and State-owned all borrowings, accumulation of new debts, and repayment of domestic debts; except international borrowings with legislative implications and timeline, are hereby suspended.

The Directive mandates that all expenditures, save for salaries and allowances, for daily operations of all Government Ministries and other Government Entities, in the amount of Ten Thousand United States Dollars (US$ 10,000.00) and above, must be approved by the Office of the President.

“All payments of bonuses, severance allowances, and incentives to members of the Board of Directors, Managing Directors, Deputy Managing Directors, and all other Officials of similar standing in the employ of State-Owned Enterprises, Commissions, and other Autonomous Agencies of the Government of Liberia (GOL) must have prior approval by the Office of the President.

“All new employment and service contracts across Government Institutions are hereby suspended. There shall be no promotions or salaries increase during this transition period. “All sales and leases of public land, buildings, and infrastructure are hereby suspended.

“All new investment incentives and granting of concessions are hereby suspended.

“All official travels are suspended, except those approved by the Office of the President.“A moratorium is placed on the holding of the 2023 National County Sports Meet due to the inter-locking schedule of the transition. “A moratorium is placed on the sale and illegal conceding of all public vehicles and other Government assets and utilities. The Director General of the General Services Agency is mandated to continue the tracking and securing of all Government Assets accordingly,” the Presidential Directive stated clearly.