The Unity Party Government is expected to face some challenges as it prepares to take power comes January 22nd, 2024, as a result of non-functional local government by the outgoing CDC Government.

A county Service Center is a one-stop shop where documentation services relating to permits, licenses, and certifications are offered at the same quality and cost in Monrovia.

From the warp and woof of this republic to its independence in 1847, one of the major challenges the government of the state has faced is a centralized governance system which has impaired popular participation and local development drive, specifically in the provision of public goods and services.

From the launch of the National Policy on Decentralization and Local Governance in 2012 to the subsequent signing into law of the Local Government Act in 2018 by President George M. Weah with the aims of taking governance closer to the people in rural parts of the country and ensuring greater participation of the people in their development process as well as an equitable distribution of the country’s resources, which aligns with the first pillar of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) “POWER TO THE PEOPLE ” intended “To reduce developmental inequalities so the people can prosper”; the state of governance has never been the same as time passed and whether it will be better or not depend on the kind of support we place in making county Service Centers functional.

A field study conducted recently by a team of journalists in the Western Cluster Region regarding the running of local government activities in those counties has been paralyzed since the outgoing CDC Government took power in 2018.

During the regime of the Unity Party stewardship, it constructed what it called the county’s Service Center across the country  to offer the following services to people that will make them not come to Montsrrado County before obtaining such items

Bomi County District #1 Representative-elect and former City Mayor of Tubmanburg City has revealed that if the incoming Unity Party government gives less attention to local government across the country it will be difficult for them to succeed.

Representative Obadiah Varney’s comments were in reaction to Tubmanbrug City being overwhelmed with grass as a result of the outgoing CDC government’s failure for budgetary allotment to the City government of Tubmanbrug City.

In an interview with a team of journalists Representative Obadiah Varney, said when he was serving as City Mayor of Tubmanbrug City, the then Unity Party government was giving fifty Thousand United States Dollars ($ 50,000) as suicides for the upkeep of the city but when the City Government took over in 2017, according to him, its cuts down the amount from $50,000 to six thousand united states dollars.

The county Service Center in Tubmanburg City which is responsible for offering birth certificates, Driver’s licenses, and Marriage certificates is shut down while the presidential palace in Tubmanburg City is overwhelmed by grass as a result of a lack of subsidy by the outgoing  CDC government.

Obadiah Johnson former City Mayor of Tubmanbrug City and Bomi County District #1, has expressed frustration and disappointment over how the service centers he spoke to a team of journalists followed a field trip in Tubmanbrug City,  Bomi County on Wednesday, December 26, 2023.

The county Service Center in Grand Bass County has been broken into by thieves as a result of locked security personnel at the Superintendent’s Compound

Some of the items the criminals made away with include window Classes, tables chairs, essential government equipment, and others.

The incident occurred after Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh left the compound, leaving the area recently thus allegedly room for the alleged criminals to take advantage of the compound.