She writes: I Present to you a melodious tune from one of my new singles.

The world was hid with Covid19 families, friends; neighbors and nations went through a lot with numerous challenges we are saddened about that but still GOD WINS, I know his grace is sufficient for all nations. In my quiet space I took out time to reflect on all that God has done. So I made an amazing piece of song called “GOD WINS”!!!
GOD WINS is a song that reminds me of how Great, and Mighty God has been and how GOD has showed up in my life and family, Even when the wicked and enemies came upon me to eat up my flesh they stumbled and fell GOD WINS!! Thus not forgetting the world in general during this Pandemics all around the globe.
Truly GOD WINS when our faith is deeply rooted in him. #godwins#queenjuliendee#liberianmusic 

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