– Monrovia City Mayor at work in Foya

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee has informed Liberians of his mission, terming it as a working visit in Foya, Lofa County, where he has joined Representative Thomas Fallah to carry on development projects as instructed by President George Manneh Weah. 

“We are still on a working holiday in Lofa County, serving our people in our homeland and I am very excited so much”, he posted on Facebook.

The young Major said his appointment in government has reawakened his courage to keep serving a broader spectrum of people beyond his mandate area in government.

“President Weah’s appointment of us to his government has reawakened our courage to keep serving the broader spectrum of our people beyond our direct jurisdiction as Mayor of the City of Monrovia”, Koijee said.

The Monrovia Major said he joined Rep. Thomas Fallah in Foyah to support the construction of a modern Immigration Hub that links Guinea and Sierra Leone.

“We commenced the project with an initial 150 bags of cement with a promise to keep doing more to better the lives of our people. We must all buttress the government’s efforts in driving development nationwide”, Major stated in his post on social media.

The young politician said Foya’s Immigration remains strategic with reports that there’s an influx of foreigners during election year. Beefing up the LIS in this part of the country is imperative with the construction of offices and other facilities. We are grateful to have participated.

According to insider source, Mayor Koijee and Rep. Fallah along with some prominent sons and daughters of Foya will today break ground for the pavement of streets in Foya City, which cost approximately three hundred fifty thousand United States dollars (USD$350,000). 

Recently a funding raising rally was held in Foya that generated a little over one hundred thousand in cash and kinds. According to a report, the Foya streets pavement project will last up to December this year.

Political commentators have hinted that with the recent wave of development initiatives undertaken by officials of government in Foya and other parts of Lofa that is traditionally believed to be the stronghold of Former Vice President Joseph Boakai will ultimately change the story around.

Lofa is believed to have voted in the last elections on a traditional line, but can said traditions resist development, well time will tell.   

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