• To receive Ladies in Business Magazine Global Community’s Awards, to have Private Yate Party with the Prince of Dubai

Six outstanding Liberian women are leaving the country today to join hundreds of other women from across the world who will be awarded along with invitations to a private Yate Party with the Prince of Dubai, a day safari, and passes to EXPO202 in Dubai.

Ladies from all around the world are gathering for the Ladies in Business Magazine Global Community’s global women’s forum in Dubai.

The Ladies in Business Magazine Global Community gives women and young ladies in business around the world a chance to be seen, heard, and recognized. Ambassador Adeshola Helen Onadipe, a Nigerian young entrepreneur, founded the magazine, which is based in Dubai.

Madam Isatu (Ike) Noubibou, who was recently selected as the Board Chair of Liberia’s charter, told Womenvoices Newspaper that the magazine will conduct an awards night on March 12, 2022 to honor women who have influenced their communities. She stated that a week of events will be held in Dubai where women will showcase activities that they are participating in in their own nations. Madam Noubibou told Womenvoices that on the night of the awards, a magazine and a book highlighting women will be released. Six Liberian women will be honored and profiled in the magazine, as well as get the opportunity to attend a special yate party with the Prince of Dubai, travel on a safari, and have access passes to EXPO 2020.

TREEW was founded by Isatu Noubibou, who is also the managing partner of GILCO (Global Investment Consultancy Liberia Inc.). She is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and advocate for women and children. She has almost ten years of experience as a dispute resolution professional. Madam Noubibou has been entrusted with the job of monitoring all activities of the LADIES IN BUSINESS MAGAZINE GLOBAL COMMUNITY as the newly appointed chairwoman of the Board of the Liberia charter. The organization’s vision is to network and empower women all over the world. She offers to the board a distinct advantage as a result of her extensive experience dealing with women’s concerns on a daily basis.

Those to be awarded include Madam Sadatu L. M. Reeves, the Deputy Inspector General of the Liberian National Police (LNP).

Officer Reeves joined the National Police in 2004 when she enrolled at the Police Training Academy as a Basic Recruit with a United Nation Mission Police Training in Liberia (UNMIL) Class-5, and was later accepted as a candidate of Police Instructor Training.

With uninterrupted views of contributing to her country, she went through the rank and file of the Liberia National Police and had the opportunity to serve as  an Instructor of the Liberia National Police in Basic Police Sciences, an Administrative Supervisor at the Liberia National Police Academy Training School, and Assistant Commandant for Administration between the years 2006- 2014.

Between 2014 to 2015, her short stay as Officer-In-Charge of Gender Affairs at the LNP, she championed the reestablishment of the Liberia National Police Women Association (LNWPA) which is aimed at supporting the police leadership in identifying problems affecting women and recognizing the special potential and ability that women possess in the Liberia National Police.

Also, she recognized the wide capacity gap between males and females in the Liberia National Police, which led her to develop a proposal, intended to build the capacity of women that was accepted and funded by the International Narcotic Law Organization and implemented by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) in partnership with the Liberia National Police. This partnership which has lasted seven years and still on going,  has benefited a little over two hundred female officers and about fifty male officers in various disciplines. Said initiative established, has increased officers’ human capacity building directly, and in many ways benefits the Government and people of Liberia at large.

In 2015, she was appointed by the President of Liberia, H.E. Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as the Assistant Director of Police for Administration. During which time UNPOL transitioned to the Liberia National Police for full security control of the country. She was then appointed by the Director of Police, on a strategic committee to draft the new Police Act of 2016, together with Dr. Raymond Atukuba and the late Dr. Thomas Jay, former Deputy Director for Research of Faculty of Academy Affairs and Research at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC). This Act currently governs the State of Affairs of the Liberia National Police.

After two years of stay as an Assistant Director, she was again appointed as Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration, making her the first female to uphold the title of Deputy Inspector General, in the Liberia National Police, and the first Chairperson of the Liberia National Police Policy Management Board, responsible for drafting all policies, regulations and Standards Operation Procedures of the Liberia National Police, and ensuring the implementation of all policies.

In 2018, after the inauguration of H.E. President George M. Weah, she was again re-nominated and appointed as the Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration, while maintaining the status of Chairperson of the Policy Management Board: a policy schemes that sets guideline to policy issues of the LNP, evaluate issues coming from the heads of other institutions and recommends decision on policy matters.

Hon. Sadatu Louise-Mae Reeves has over the years and throughout her career path as a professional Law Enforcement Officer, remarkably made headways both on the national and international scenes.

With her pedigreed of professional wealth of experience, she has been a role model to females in the security sector and Liberia.

Another great woman to be awarded is Madam Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, a second-term Senator and the first female Senator of Grand Bassa County.

A renowned women’s rights campaigner and social justice activist, Nyonblee was first elected to the Senate in 2013 and reelected during the 2020 midterm elections. Throughout her first term, she remained the only female amongst 29 men. Yet, she resisted and defied every attempt of male chauvinists in the Senate directed at distracting her. She shattered every roadblock thrown her way while getting the work done for the people—no wonder she was nicknamed the lioness, the iron lady of the Senate. 

As Senator, Nyonblee’s time, energy, and resources have been exclusively dedicated to amplifying the voices of Liberians, especially those at the lowest echelon of the country’s socio-economic ladder. She continues to battle big forces that threaten the economic and social wellbeing of the Liberian people. 

Nyonblee currently serves as the political leader of Liberia’s second-largest opposition party, the Liberty Party. She led the formation of and chairs the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), which comprises the country’s top four opposition parties. At the Senate, Nyonblee chairs the committee on Rules, Order, and Administration. She is also a ranking member of several other committees, including Ways, Means, and Finance; Public Accounts; Health and Gender; and Post and Post Telecommunications. 

Working for the People

Nyonblee enjoys serving people from all backgrounds across Liberia. Notable among causes dear to her heart are:

Women and Children’s Rights – she is a passionate advocate of the cause of women and children. Since her election, Nyonblee has remained a leading champion for women’s rights and has worked across the aisle to deliver protections for children, led the fight for gender equity, and taken steps to ensure women and children have access to needed social services.

Good Governance Best Practices – she has relentlessly campaigned for good governance and leadership with integrity in government—always denouncing and speaking up against Liberia’s scarce resources being mismanaged. Nyonblee is on record for her zero tolerance of appointed officials being confirmed while indicted in audit reports. She believes that any individual with a questionable image should have no place in government until proven otherwise. All Nyonblee demands is a government that is more fiscally responsible and transparent.

Access to affordable Health care and Education – Nyonblee is leading the charge for ensuring affordable healthcare and quality education is within reach of the needy. She currently has multiple health and educational programs operating across the country. For example, her foundation, Nyonblee Cares, is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the socio-economic wellbeing of impoverished Liberians, regardless of religious or political affiliations. Established in 2010, Nyonblee Cares provides medical equipment to hospitals across Liberia. It also operates multiple mobile clinics in some of the country’s remotest parts—places where health care is nonexistent. Moreover, Nyonblee Cares provides financial and technical support to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) training at various colleges in Liberia.

It is imperative to note that Nyonblee is the first Liberian Senator to address the Pennsylvania State Senate, invited by PA Senate majority leader Patrick Brown. She used the opportunity to seek financial support for Liberia as the country struggled to battle the killer Ebola disease. She further took her activism to top-ranking members of the United States Congress, including Charlie Dent. Her efforts paid off when the US Congress approved $7 billion to fight the virus globally—Liberia was a beneficiary.

Before her service in the Senate

A goal-oriented, results-driven public servant, Nyonblee is a seasoned government marketer and brand promoter with a deep passion for serving the people. She served as public relations manager at Liberia’s Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) from 2006 to 2013. There, she acted as a bridge builder between the entity and its target audience.

Her family 

Nyonblee and her husband, Adolph Akwe Lawrence, became Liberia’s first legislative couple. Adolph was a geologist who joined politics in 2011 following his elections to the House of Representatives. When Nyonblee won in 2013 to become Grand Bassa’s lone female Senator, the couple became unstoppable. Adolph, however, lost his life to a tragic motor accident in 2019. He died on his 53rd birthday. 

A native of Grand Bassa County, Nyonblee is a mother of two boys and a girl and seven adopted children. She hails from a reputable family. Her father is a bishop, humanitarian, and educator. Her mother is an educator and a renowned gospel singer. She has 12 siblings.

Another awardee is madam Matilda Parker, who is a high achieving executive with over 25-years of hands-on experience in the functions of Finance, IT and General Management.  Her professional experiences boast an intimate, multidisciplinary profile with seasoned experience in International Relations, Enterprise Transformation, Business Operations, Maritime/Port and Telecommunication Industries. Her career spans from mid-level to multinational corporations in both the domestic and international arenas.  Within this sphere, she holds a successful track record as a visionary, creator and driver of strategies and industry best practices that have uniformly delivered record setting gains.  Ms. Parker has consistently taken the initiative to reduce costs and increase bottom-line, identify and deploy critical technology, plan and implement cross-functional programs, operational policies and joint ventures.

Matilda is the current CEO of the P. Ernest Parker Group of Companies, focusing on Real Estate Development and Rental in Liberia.  She is the co-owner of Clinton Paradise Farm specializing in oil palm, cash crops, poultry and cattle.  She is also the CEO of the Matilda Wokie Parker Foundation, a personal philanthropic initiative, started in 2009 to provide assistance to underprivileged families.  From 2009 – 2015 she served as the longest serving Managing Director of the National Port Authority of Liberia.  Prior to joining the NPA, she served as a Senior Director at the AT&T – a leading international telecommunications corporation with over 300,000 employees worldwide and $120 Billion USD in revenue.  Before joining AT&T, Ms. Parker held senior positions at Nextel (now Sprint) and Global One (the former alliance between Deutche Telekom, France Telecom and Sprint), also telecommunication titans based in the United States.   Earlier in her career, she reported directly to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of various non-profit organizations.

Ms. Parker proudly extends her leadership acuity to her community and has a true passion for charitable endeavors benefitting sports, seniors, youth and children as illustrated through her Foundation.  Her affinity for giving back to her community stems from the guidance and support she received from her family, church, community, and schools in her formative years.

Madame Parker is an Elder in the First Presbyterian Church of Monrovia.  She has one son, Ernest Nicholas Brewer and one grand daughter, Embirlee Nichole Brewer.

Hon. Moima Briggs –Mensah, who cherishes the following quotes, will also be warded: her favorite maxim: “Win through your actions, never through argument” and personal quote: Don’t twist our gender as weakness, we are fe-male (Atonic number 26)

“Fe” as element Iron …. Moima Briggs Mensah

She chairs Bong County Legislative Caucus, Co. Chair- Post and Telecommunication, Member APU (African Parliamentarian Union, Member Gender Equity, Child Development, Member State Own Enterprise. 

She is married and bless with 3 biological kids (All Girls) and several other kids in Salala district #6, Bong Co, Liberia and around the world.

She has worked for several private entities in the Republic of Liberia the last of which is the Lonestar Cell Communication Corporation/MTN for 14 years before being politically driven, at Lonestar Cell MTN, she became the first female president of the Staff Association and was at the same time the Event and Sponsorship Senior Lead, a position she served until her departure.

Her actions are infused with love, unity, and the pursuit of peace.She’s an advocate for competitive women’s leadership in all sectors, women’s rights, and good healthcare. 

Moima Briggs Mensah became Representative of Salala District #6, Lower Bong Co., in 2017 after winning a Democratic Election of 16 contestants with a total vote of 6,216. 

She believes that through the means of Recognition, Inclusion, Building Mutual Relationships, and Communicating Basic Information that needs the full participation of the citizens, her district will improve in every sector, be it education, health, agriculture, or infrastructure development.

As part of Hon. Moima Briggs-Mensah’s efforts for the last four years in political office, she has recognized, built mutual relationships and communicated significant information to her people, thereby making progress in the health, education, and agriculture sectors of her district. 

In line with those achievements, she has initiated several educational, agricultural, infrastructural, and health projects to include: over 500 scholarships to rural high school and university students; distribution of farming materials and products (Seed Rice); construction of 16 town halls; 3 market buildings; 2 motorcycle centers; and 2 elementary schools; and the construction of a health theater to conduct surgery, including several contributions to individuals and organizations.

In line with her present duties as legislator, Hon. Briggs-Mensah is the proponent of the Traditional Midwives Sustainable Bill of 2018, Districts Emblem Bill of 2020, Konawolala Administrative District, An Act Granting Pre-Trial Detainees the right to vote, and has co-sponsored several bills, including the Domestic Violence Act of 2014, the National Remuneration Act of 2019, and etc. 


Hon. Moima Briggs Mensah has received numerous awards during her years in political leadership, including the Golden Image Award for Rural Development 2019, the National Event Planners Awards for Best Female Lawmaker of the Year 2019, Corruption Watch-Tough Talking Female Law Maker of the Year 2019 with an A, and Ireed Report-Top Legislative Debater with an A in her legislative performances.

She understands that she cannot meet all of her district’s needs on her own; as a result, she asks for the help of all well-intentioned Liberians and international partners, including those who want to see Salala District # 6, Bong County, and Liberia develop in order to realize the dream of becoming a developed country.

Madam Deweh Gray, a Counselor-at-Law of the Supreme Court Bar of the Republic of Liberia and the current Deputy Minister for Legal Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is another exceptional Liberian lady to be honored. She was Vice Chairperson of Liberia’s Law Reform Commission prior to being appointed to that office. She was the President of Liberia’s Association of Female Lawyers (AFELL). As the leader of AFELL, Counselor Gray oversaw a Danish-funded project that saw the establishment and equipping of Criminal Court “E,” a specialized court for sexual offense cases.

During cases, this court strives to protect victims, particularly vulnerable witnesses. She teaches urban and rural women how to consult and direct their communities on topics like sexual violence and how to navigate the legal system. During her time as the head of AFELL, she aided in the prosecution of rape cases, which included relocating victims while they were awaiting trial. She is presently the Chairperson of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) and the Rescue and Abandoned Children International (RACI) (REACH). Women and children’s education, protection, and empowerment are the goals of these organizations.

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