Receive certificate in monitoring and evaluation

Monday, December 16, 2022, in Monrovia, Liberia: After participating in an intensive training program for a period of one month, the staff of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the National Elections Commission of Liberia were awarded certificates.

The Co-Chairperson of the Commission, Counselor P. Teplah Reeves, stated that she trusted the ability of the personnel to use the knowledge to hold people accountable in the application of processes related to the unit’s functions during a certification ceremony held for the five staff members at the NEC offices in Monrovia on December 13, 2022. The ceremony was held at the NEC offices in Monrovia.

“M&E is like having an extra eye on all aspects of the work; it’s important, it’s strategic, and it gets the support of donors.” According to the remarks made by Cllr. Reeves, “It requires thorough applications utilizing defined baselines and indicators that show success.”

Utilizing statistical data gathering software and producing reports based on analytical results were the primary focuses of the training that was provided with the intention of assisting the M&E department of the Commission in performing an improved job of monitoring projects.

The participants received education on various monitoring and evaluation systems, methods, tools, and techniques, in addition to instruction on data collection, management, and statistical analysis. This was done as a component of the Liberia Elections Support Project (LESP), which received funding from Irish Aid, Sweden, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

“Planning for development relies heavily on M&E work. It would be challenging to comprehend issues and come up with viable solutions in the absence of data “Lenka Homolkova, who serves as the Chief Technical Adviser on Elections for the UNDP, stated.

According to Ms. Homolkova, the training does not conclude once the diplomas are handed out to the participants. Instead, it need to be put to use in clearing out space and fostering an atmosphere conducive to strategic planning in order to assist other members of staff in the NEC’s preparations for holding elections that are free and transparent.

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