By. G. Bennie Bravo Johnson

As human resource development continues to be an important component of nation building, more women are adopting a new perspective on how to improve their domestic economy while also positively contributing to nation building.

The Stefla School of Professional Skills Development graduated its first circle of twenty-three females in cake making, pastry, cosmetology, events planning, interior decoration, and catering on Saturday, December 10, 2022, as part of a major quest to eradicate the persistent domestic violence against women, which can only be solved by providing more skill training programs for women.

Hon. Dixson W. Seeboe, who delivered the keynote address, urged women to invest time and effort in order to obtain resources that will aid in domestic and national development.

He warned that we live in a competitive world dominated by men, and that in order to end violence and discrimination against women, women must recognize the opportunity to empower themselves and contribute positively to domestic and national economies.

“In a world where the male is the sole provider for the home, you must help grow the family by empowering yourself to bring something to the table.” Hon Seeboe issued a warning.

Yvonne Harris Flaka and Jumimer F. Stewart founded the Stefla School of Professional Skills Development in 2021 to train and empower the younger generation through the development of personal vocational skills to enable them to earn a living and face society positively.

Mrs. Jumimer F. Stewart, Stefla’s establishment coordinator, encourages everyone, regardless of academic achievement, to further empower themselves through vocational skills training for individual transformation and sustainability, and to contribute positively to the social-economic development of the society in ways that benefit themselves and the society in general.

She claimed that one of the most credible ways for young women and girls to achieve long-term development for themselves and society is through skill development.

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